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My dream, while I remember it
Ooh.... Yeah, so, I was with this family in America, 10 years ago, playing on an experimental N64, which was odd. My mobile phone kept going off, which was really annoying them. So we decided to move out, and go across the country. On the train, I got my bass guitar out, plugged it into my amp, and started playing. Nobody on the train minded. I then swapped seats to sit nearer the front of the carriage, to talk to this girl.

Anyway, then we were driving around in this hay field, and the minions of Satan were after us. They came in the form of camels and flamingos, which wanted to suck our brains out. One got me, but I was in a really sarcastic mood, so it wasn't able to get my secret number, which it needed to get my brain. My secret number was 19, but it kept getting 21 because of the sarcasm.

Anyway, then we found that the world was flooding, and that the reason they were after me was because I was some important theological figure (or was going to be). We went to our caravan in Wales, and went down to the beach. The flood waters kept rising, so the American family ran back up the stairs to the coast path. I walked over some rocks to the left of the beach, where I found a crystal. I threw it into the sea, and God started talking to me, and told me that I was in some way special, and couldn't die. I collected a few things from back at the caravan, and then watched as God flooded the world.

Now that is f'ed up... Interesting to note, the place I was stood when I spoke to God was the same place that me and Shimi went, and subsequently that Ben and Shimi went... Odd :o)

Hmm, just had a call from Adam. He wasn't doing his girlie voice, which was new ;o)


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