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So, my evening
I had a great time. Let's see about an explanation of events....

Well, Vicky came in at about 8:30, with chocolate, glasses, and corkscrew. I provided the wine, the TV, the DVDs, and the venue. Wine was then liberally applied to the glasses, after having had the corkscrew applied to it. You know how it works, I don't need to explain that bit...

So yeah, we sat around watching the TV - Where the Heart Is, followed by London's Burning. Didn't pay so much attention to them, but it's the symbolism that counts. For the night, I was Vicky's mummy, sitting indoors on a Sunday night with her watching TV. She misses her so much, it's sad to hear her talking about her. She's a real Mummy's Girl is our Vicky...

Anyway, while these shows were on, we spoke to various people online. Spoke briefly to Jo, but mostly to Laura (Corcoran). I showed Vicky pictures of Laura, and she was most impressed. Showed Laura pictures of Vicky, she too was impressed. While I lay on the bed in a slight haze (I'd just rapidly drank two thirds of the bottle of wine, on an empty stomach), Vicky and Laura went on to have a rather raunchy conversation. Bloody bisexual girls, eh....

Anyhow, having had the other third of the bottle of wine, Vicky was also slightly tipsy. We had a few conversations, many of which centered around that which Vicky and I always talk about. It's always nice to hear an open, uncensored opinion from a girl on matters like that. We then decided to make a load of prank calls around campus later on while drunk, but the alcohol's effects weren't so strong. Next time, we'll need at least two bottles of wine between us to get drunk, I think.

So anyway, after the encounter with Laura, we finished the chocolate, and ate some marmite and peanut butter. On their own, with our hands. It's fun to be little kids. More chatting and stuff, which is nice. I never manage to lose sight of why she's my best mate - she's forever reminding me by how nice she is. Chatted about Jen, and told her that I'm going to America for a whole month - she was impressed :o)

So, after that, we decided that we wanted to watch a movie, so we lay there and watched Dogma. Mmm, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Jason Lee, and that's just the guys. She'd not seen it before, which was odd. Anyway, that was great fun to watch - Annie joined us for the last 10 minutes of it, then went again. After the movie, more chatting, followed by some toast. Then Vicky was tired, so she went to bed.

Anyway, I had a lovely time, and I look forward to the next time :o)

Oh, and this from DMZ:
[02:57] Leon: Is this gonna get quantum?
[02:57] DMZ: I'm uncertain

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Humph...Best Friend...I am retiring then...good bye...oh and I still have your star wars trilogy set.

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