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So, about them grades...
I guess I may as well tell all... But first, a word about my Chemistry grade. I think it's a tad unfair. See, the "Paper 1"s were posted fine from the school, but never got there. So they based the marks for them on the following:

  • Estimates provided by Miss Galpin, our head of Chemistry, who doesn't know my abilities as well as my other chemistry teacher
  • Individual student profiles based on the other modules taken. This doesn't take into account the fact that I'm the best in the school year at Paper 1, and consistently do well on that paper, while doing less well on the others. I normally use Paper 1 to pull my grade up...
  • National data on students' performance - yea, as if you can categorize everybody

Basically, in my last 4 timed tests on Paper 1, I got 74%, 85%, 73% and 81%. From my other scores (which are given), I have calculated that I needed 75.6% on my Paper 1 to pull my grade up (although the papers are weighted funny, so I don't know if that actually holds). Which I personally think I could have easily managed. Anyway, while my grade stays static, they will mark our Paper 1s if they get them. So maybe I'll at least find out sometime if I deserve extra credit....

But now, the moment that I spent so long waiting for. I feel rather proud, since I didn't stress at all about these things, and have been rather relaxed. Proves I can cope and such... Anyway, the results are as follows:

  • Chemistry: Grade B
  • Biology: Grade A
  • Maths: Grade A
  • Further Maths: Grade A
  • Cambridge and Warwick Special Maths Paper: Grade 1

The deal with the STEP paper is that they're marked on a four point scale of grades: S (outstanding), 1 (Very good), 2 (Good - enough to get you into Cambridge and Warwick), 3 (satisfactory) and ungraded. So getting a 1 is pretty fucking excellent, I think.... All in all, I'm pleased - it wasn't four A's and a Grade 1, but it was just 2 points off it, and in an a-level which won't affect my future studies (since they are in Maths).

As to our little wager, I neither won nor lost. Phil got four A's (but didn't do the STEP paper, so I get to feel a bit superior there), and Oliver got an A and three B's. So I came in the middle, and am no longer an active participant in it - it's up to them now. In related news, Matthew got two and a half A's, a B and a C. Personally, I think the B was undeserved - it was in Chemistry, and he certainly deserves a better grade than me. I took it upon myself to point out that in terms of percentages, he kicked my ass - that made me feel a bit better about them screwing him...

Anyway, now that's said, I can get back to doing whatever it is I'm going to be doing this afternoon. David is calling later (yay), and I'm having Pizza Hut for supper, which is simply excellent. I ought to take a-levels more often.... In closing, I think AAAB + Grade 1 STEP is a damned excellent result, and I'm bloody pleased. Yay :o)

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Well Done!!!! So you got 3 A's, does that mean you won the bet you had?

Oops! Missed that part! You shoud both give eachother £10 just to be fair ;)

Well done, bloody good results there hope I do near as well in my GCSE's next week.

didn't i tell you your grades would be fine?!? congrats!

Uh, yeah, these grades were fine, two years ago.........

This post is two years old

damn it! i feel like a tool...

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