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I've cleaned up my mailbox a bit. Now I'm under 1000 unread messages. Yes, 1000. I have two university accounts (that's and for those of you who wish to stalk me), one of them fills up a lot with crap from people that's mass-mailed to the whole of the Computer Science department. So I have 1k unread e-mails. I read those that look important, ignore the rest. I've now passed my disk quota, so I've had to sort that out by deleting the first 100... Hope I didn't delete anything vital.

The directory is back up, and it's just depressing me. On the UK page, of the 100 people who updated most recently, I know 14. A measly 14. That is just terrible. It used to be that I knew the journals of everybody who updated daily. I'd read through them all in the mornings before going to work last summer. But now? Bah, I know practically nobody. Bloody annoying, if you ask me... :o)

Anyway, not much to report. Grand Prix results were both good and bad, but I'll not spoil anything for anybody. More later...


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