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Good Morning
Right, before I go brush my teeth, sort out my hair etc., a quick update.

Um, yes, I'm awake. Jimbo came to my door about 10 minutes ago asking what I was doing because he was bored. In a state of relative undress, I informed him that I was sleeping. We might be going out to fly a kite later, I dunno...

Um, beyond that, nothing has really happened, obviously... Oh, the heating is b0rked, so we can't actually get any hot water. It's either cold showers, or nothing. Hmm...

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Lets go fly a kite.
Up to the highest heights.
Lets go fly a kite and send it soaring!

Up in the atmosphere.
Up where the sky is clear.
Lets. All. Go.
Fly a kite!

Hoorah for Mary Poppins and her brilliant abilities.

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