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Well, I've not posted much lately. But I've been busy with the website and such.... Much is going on behind the scenes, honest :o)

Um, this evening, I've spoken to Phil, Chris, Mike, Dan and Benny about a-level results tomorrow. Looking forward to it immensely. Should be fun. I hope.

Had a nice long chat with Mel about David, which I'm not allowed to actually tell him about - getting sworn to secrecy is terrible.... But it wasn't a bad chat...

Um, nothing much else to say. Wish me luck people :o)

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right so I'm away but it doesnt mean that I'm not reading this and this you damn well know so stop taunting me with stuff like that damnit :oP

And of course good luck with the a-level results, I'm going to call around 7pm ENGLISH time to see how it went on so don't be online :o)

David (in another cheaper still, not as nice, internet cafe, I think I'll go back to the other slightly more expensive much nicer one in future)

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