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Good time
Was a fun night out. Went to Pizza Hut first (we got a bus, just about), and I had a Medium Edge with three of my four toppings (I said them all, but idiot waiter couldn't be bothered to stand near enough to hear, and I didn't have the energy to squabble), which I failed to finish. But we were in a hurry, so I didn't keep the last bit. We then walked over to the cinema to meet Annie.

So, myself, Jimbo, Claire, Alex, Annie, Megan and Joyce went in, got our tickets, and went to find seats and such. Most of us sat together, which was good. Saw many trailers for films that looked rather snazzy - Pearl Harbour, for instance. The film itself looked kinda shite, but it stars Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett, so by very definition it is good. And heck, if it's not enjoyable, I can just put ear-plugs in my ears and drool at them. Is it wrong that I want to see a film for the two male leads? Hmm...

Anyway, watched the film, review is on my journal somewhere. Is there a film where Brad Pitt doesn't look great? I'm thinking not.... Great film and such. After the film, we wander back to the bus stop, and have all manner of interesting conversations. The first of which is Hendrix versus Clapton. Now, I am in agreement (more or less) with my dad on this one. My personal opinion is that indeed, Hendrix could coax sounds out of a guitar which no other person could. He could make funny noises which demonstrated a special talent. But was he a good guitarist? Hell no. You can call him a genius if you wish, but until he picks up a guitar and starts demonstrating an ability to play conventional material well (unlikely since he's dead), I'll not be swayed. I have yet to see or hear him play the guitar as I would define "play the guitar".

Ugh, anyway, that was annoying. Then we went into comparing people. The first choice was between Josh Hartnett and Ben Affleck. Hmm.... I think I'd have to go for Ben Affleck, simply because while they're both hot, Ben Affleck is also one of my heros. So that's one. Then it was a choice between Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, and it made me sad that everybody immediately decided that Matt Damon was just bad. I like him. Bah.

Then we went through some Brad Pitt characters. Fight Club vs. The Mexican vs. Snatch. Many others decided they liked Tyler Durden best, and although he was the coolest by far, his character from The Mexican was such a nice guy too... Anyway, then they asked the big question - who do you like best, Han Solo or Indiana Jones.

I was the only person who preferred Han Solo. How wrong is the universe?! I'm telling you, they only went for Indiana because he has a whip, and looks cute in glasses when he's teaching. How mad are these people not to like Han Solo, with his dashing youthful good looks, his carefree attitude, his reckless approach to life, and above all, his selfish annoying personality? Are all my flatmates nuts?

Anyway, you know it's a weird night when, rather than talking about girls you fancy, you end up in a conversation about which guys you fancy. Not that I do, really. I can merely appreciate that they are attractive. There was another conversation about Mulder versus somebody, but frankly Fox Mulder beats everybody from film or TV, no question about it. So....

Bah. I'm not gay. Honest :o)

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WRONG! Fox Mulfer beats everybody from film or TV apart from Arnold Judas Rimmer.

(Deleted comment)
Fox Mulfer is the man who would be Fox Mulder but isn't because some idiot can't type.

Um, Ed, I don't think you quite realise what the conversation was about.... This is about who you fancy most, not who is better...

Ahh, reading all of your post would have probably helped...

I agree Fox Mulder is a very handsome guy :-)

It goes way beyond that - he's, like, God... :o)

Hmm, and I wonder now why your sister thought I was gay..... ;o)

I was actually gonna say he was a God but decided against it coz i think Robbie Williams is God :-)

Um, no, Robbie Williams is by no stretch of the imagination God. Fox Mulder is God. You have been misinformed :o)

Well, as an intelligent person yourself, you should know that there are many different Gods to believe in, therefore, you can have Fox Mulder as your God and i'll have Robbie as mine :-)

I prefer Action chinese that is
Ak-shun Jak-sun. well whatever....

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