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The Mexican - Review
Well, what can I say? Stunningly classy film. Just a shame that there were only about 5 scenes in the entire thing which had Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt within touching distance of each other... The film follows two separate storylines - the first is that of Brad Pitt, in his ongoing struggle to obtain (and keep possession of) an important artefact - a hand-crafted gun. The other plotline involves his girlfriend Sam (played by Roberts) and her ordeal (or otherwise) with her "kidnapper".

I don't wish to spoil anything, and there is one kinda major plot twist (or you could call it a character development) to look out for, so I shall try to avoid that. The storyline is difficult to pin down to any particular genre, existing outside of genre and firmly in the realms of just "life", that elusive quality that so few films have. I was able to fully identify with both main characters and how they reacted to situations. There were certainly comedic elements, along with a few action scenes, a lot of romance, but all in similar proportions to real life.

My personal opinion is that it's a truly wonderful film - marvellously acted, with a lot of heart in it. I'd recommend it to anybody who watches films, or knows what they are, or has heard the word "film" or "movie" at some time in their life. Certainly one for the DVD collection, when it's available.

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As someone who absolutely can't stand Pitt or Roberts, is it worth going to see with the lovely Adele or will I want to walk out screaming after ten minutes?

As somebody who idolizes Brad Pitt, I'm afraid I can't give you a non-sarcastic answer to your obviously silly question.

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