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Had my Seminar today. It was a role play, whereby I was the MD of the second-largest computing company in the world. I think I did OK in my role, and spoke some damned authentic crap. Then had the lecture for that subject, which was good. In next week's seminar, I have to do a presentation (yes, I did volunteer). My presentation is on The Adjective Army. Yes, you did read that correctly. I am going to use my experience of censorship issues on Usenet, combined with material about CyberCops, CyberVigilantes, CyberSex... No, wait, scratch that last one, that's not the way my presentation will go (not least of all because my Adjective Idiots are all male).

Anyway, should be fun. I have to compete with a guy who is talking about his experiences of terrorism online and such - although, then again, I have a week in order to equal or better those experiences with my own activities ;o)

The lecture was good, again. Our lecturer is... well... he's one of the more eccentric lecturers I've had, but certainly one of the better ones. He manages to maintain interest in the topic, while demonstrating that he has a good few ideas about it himself - e.g. that hackers in the US are allowed the freedom they seem to have (i.e. not all getting busted) because the Federal Agencies realise that they may some day need these people and their skills...

Anyhow, so yeah, that's good. Am currently tidying my room, which is less than fun. Then it's time for a shower. Then later on, with any luck, Vicky will bring me her chocolate, and we'll get drunk and chat for ages. Which should be fun, if she actually comes. We've got much to chat about right now... Hope it's nice wine I have... :o)

Anyhow, that's me finished for the week, all bar one Maths lecture tomorrow. One more thing between me and the weekend - hooray. I love the third term, nothing to do...

... until exams, of course :o(

Oh well, the sun is shining, I'm feeling bouncy and stuff. More later :o)

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(Deleted comment)
It gets better - I also have to write an essay on it. You'll see that.

As for the presentation, I'll give you a general outline :o)

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