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Morning All...
And what a fine morning it was.... I put my summer jacket on, and walked out with Vicky, Alex, James and Claire into the blazing sunshine. Ah, lovely weather... We wandered down to the lecture places, soaking up that lovely warm sun. Two hours of lectures later, I come out, and it's raining. Bloody typical.

Anyhow, just had an Algebra and Geometry II lecture, followed by a workshop on the subject, which is me finished for another day. The lecture was good - informative, and fun. Neither of which from the lecturer though - rather from the chat I had with Vicky, as you do... Naturally, it'd be rude to talk through the lecture, so we converse on pieces of paper. Lord knows what the people behind us think of what we're saying - on occasion, we have a competition to see who can write down the most dirty words starting with a particular letter. You get the idea :o)

Anyhow, tomorrow night should be fun. I have a bottle of wine, Vicky has many left-over Easter Eggs - we're going to sit around, listening to music, drinking, eating, and chatting. A real girlie night in, or something, apparently. I don't especially mind that though - still fun, and we have so much stuff to catch up on and chat about :o)

Oh, on the subject of work again, the lecture I just had was pretty easy to understand, and the workshop afterwards reassured me. I managed to do everything, even though I accidentally slept through a lecture the other day. I feel very proud of myself and my maths ability. It's nice to know that you can actually really do the work that's required of you :o)

Nowt for the rest of today - tomorrow, I have a seminar on Computers and Society, and then a lecture on Censorship on the Internet. I have a feeling that this course will be easy enough, and if not, then it'll be damned interesting. I should've done Sociology or something, I love it... :o)

More later

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I get a text from you about this, drag myself out of bed (admittedly about an hour later) and come online only to're Away. Bloody typical : o

I get up, go to lectures, come home, sleep... It's how Uni works :o)

Well I think it's a disgrace : o

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