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Woohoo, David is gone!
Hmm, perhaps he'll read this when he gets back. Best keep up the pretense...

No! David is gone!!

Anyway, this at least gives me time to work on our site in peace. Time to add all the stuff that he doesn't want (probably starting with CSS).... It's looking better already - I like this :o)

In other news, yet another uneventful day at work. However, tonight is the last time I'll have to go to bed at a reasonable time on a work day until next Monday - I have work tomorrow, then results day Thursday, then work for a single day on Friday, then the weekend - Woohoo! I'm so looking forward to results day - I can't understand people who aren't. This is the day we all just spent two years working for. I want to know that it paid off, or if not, I want that out of the way. What's the point in doing it all if you don't want to know what you got at the end, eh?

Anyway, I've eaten (yay, meal cooked for me), so I think I'm pretty much OK to just coast into the late evening, and then go to bed, without any effort. So far this evening, I've watched half of Eastenders, and Dawson's Creek. It's finished now (DC, not Eastenders), but damn was it a nice ending... Awww.... Um, anyway...

New picture. Yes indeedy. I went into town today, and got a new picture taken, of me with my traditional "Deep in thought" face on. The same one that Phil, Oliver, Andrew and myself put on all through the class photos for Biology last year. Groovy... Speaking of Biology, I know what I'm giving both my Biology teachers by way of thank-you's for all their effort and such. I also know what I'm getting Mr Ryder (Chemistry). This basically means that everything is covered, unless I get a Grade 1 in my STEP, in which case I shall buy Miss Round something for helping me with that. But I really don't know how likely that is anyway, so I shan't spend too much time thinking about it right now...

On another matter entirely (well, still on the subject of pictures), Becca has the only nice picture of me in the universe. This angers me. Her sister pointed out that Becca and I made a nicer couple than her and her boyfriend (which I, naturally, agree with wholeheartedly). 'tis a good picture, from before the 6th form ball (as most good pictures are - honest). She complains of looking fat in it - ha! I ought to scan in one of the other pictures and post that and ask for comments. But I won't - she'd, like, kick me and stuff (if I ever see her again (apart from after Thursday)).

Anyway, back to the ongoing saga which is my boring home life... Ho hum....

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As SOON as I go away people start losing a grip, damnit, admittedly, I just checked the site and the CSS looks mighty nice to be honest, so like, sure, oh and do that shrine thing ;o)

erm.. not much more to say right now, I'll write a mini essay in a min, I found a nice cheap internet cafe literally attached to my hotel, so like, rules :o)

The CSS rules.... I made it all fit in, so... Plus, the new fonts rule :o)

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