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Ebs had a problem with his computer, whereby it wasn't booting up in anything other than safe mode since he installed his new CD-ROM drive, so he asked me to take a look at it. The first thing one notices about Ebs' computer is that it's all in German. Which makes it rather hard to do anything with it... But still, after a lot of fumbling around, I managed to REM out a few lines in autoexec.bat, and get it to work. It was loading the drivers twice, which was eating up just about enough memory to kill Windows.

Anyhow, by way of a thank-you, he gave me a bottle of wine. Nice :o) Now I just have to find somebody to come here and drink it with me. I just feel like sprawling out on my bed with somebody, getting drunk and telling stories which should never be told... Not that I have any of those, you understand ;o) Hmm... Jen, come here ;o)

Of course, I may do a featured special - James Gets Drunk On Webcam. You'll be able to monitor my progression from sober to tipsy to drunk to wasted, and get in contact with me during this time. When drunk, as David knows all too well, I seem to tell everybody everything... Mind, I do that when sober too. Although I don't strip when sober.

Hmm, mind, I think most of the people who read this probably want to pay me to keep my kit on. Shame ;o)

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I'd pay money not to see that! And hey, we ARE friends, you loon.

So pay me then, or I'll upload the 100x100 picture of my ass I took yesterday as my default userpic :o)

Go on, upload it. I bet you daren't. :-)

Are you really sure about that Scott? I mean really sure? Because if not, don't tempt me :o)

I have no problem if you chose to upload a photo of your rump. Hey, I did it.

So did I :o)

I may yet do it again. The picture is uploaded, all I must do now is link :o)

I'm not going to say either way - its up to you.

But it's ONLY an arse. Everyone has one.

But you said you'd pay....... :o(

I'm poor - you know this.

The picture to this post intrigued me, so I looked at you allpics.bml

This isn't "Tired", this is "Just been shot"

I have a selection of Comedy Pics, which will go up later sometime. I went nuts with the webcam last night, when I finally got some lighting conditions I liked :o)

He he, fair enough

Just, you look more shot than tired

Now you mention it ... *laughs*

"Ouch, you bugger, you got me"


Glad it's not just me

Submitted for your approval:

I managed to REM out a few lines in autoexec.bat, and get it to work. It was loading the drivers twice, which was eating up just about enough memory to kill Windows.

What's he got? 512Kb of RAM or something?

Quite possibly.

I think the problem was he couldn't load his memory manager software due to lack of conventional memory, or something. I couldn't really tell because all the error messages were auf Deutsch....

He wants to remove his CD-ROM drive from the Control Panel he does.
He wants to reboot Windows he does.
He wants to see if "hope and pray" detects his drive he does.
He wants to reinstall his CD ROM drivers he does.
Or find newer ones on he does.
Or use the generic ones he does.
Fix his problem it will.

I'll let you pretend you know this yourself and get another free bottle of alcoholic beverage.

Nope, I fixed it. He was running MSCDEX twice, I just REM'd one out, and it worked fine :o)

mm no, I'm a bit out of pratice with dos memory management but afaik DOS can only *actually* access about 640kb of physical memory without memory management software, basically MS-DOS' ram accessing code is shot and thus its easy to overload or some such, or thats what I remember reading somewhere, but either way, its quite possible to load enough shit that just sits in memory without any sort of manager for it to just bugger something up somewhere somehow, though again, I can't tell you exactly how, its not really my area.

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