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Yummy food...
Just went to the shops, and in order to reward myself for eating well these last few days, I bought myself some sweeties... Yummy... :o)

Anyway, had a curry last night, which was also yummy, and it tasted better than when I had it at home (probably because of my malnourishment here making anything taste good). Or it might just be that I seriously under-cooked it. Hmm...

Just got off the phone from Dave. He keeps on popping on to IRC, and then leaving before I get a chance to say "Hi", so I phoned him, screamed "Boolean!" down the phone at him, and hung up... Then I get a call from somebody identifying themselves as "The Farcical Dave". On picking it up, I hear a woman's voice sing "Boolean!" at me, and then hang up. Not to be out-done, I call him up, ready to say "Genk!" at him. Sadly, as he picked up, I heard a yell down the phone "Genk!". Damn, beaten to it.... And then:
[15:40] *** [AA]TFD changes topic to 'B00l34n!!!!!!1!!!!!'
[15:40] *** UnknownJ changes topic to 'G3NK!!!!!!!!!!!2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'
[15:43] *** TFA changes topic to '3y!!!!!!3!!!!! M1573r R4nk1n!!!!!!!!4!!!!!!!!'
Ah, what odd little kids we they are :o)

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Moving text with the Spike

The clipboard can hold only one item at a time. If you want to move several items with the clipboard, you have to cut and paste them one at a time. Rather than do that, move the items to the Spike. The Spike acts like a super clipboard that can contain multiple items at once.

You use the Spike to cut and paste text only. You cannot use the Spike to copy text.

No we're not :-)

Well you scare me......

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