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Right then
Well, I've slept, now I'm awake, and ready for my lecture, which is on my Computers and Society course, arguably my favourite course. I'm actually hoping they'll set us hours of homework every week, and here's why:

Week 1
Lecture 1: Orientation Lecture
Lecture 2: The Internet: Censorship, Free Speech and Cybercops

Week 2
Lecture 1: Expert, High-Risk, and Defence Systems
Lecture 2: Computers and Work: The changing nature of work

Week 3
Lecture 1: Computers and Work: Computer Professionalism
Lecture 2: Computers in Education

Week 4
Lecture 1: Computer Crime, Abuse and Legislation
Lecture 2: The Social Implications of AI

Week 5
Lecture 1: VR and other new technologies

Face it, this is the most kick-ass course ever. I'm especially looking forward to the seminar that will accompany this week's second lecture - boy do I have an opinion on this issue, since due to the whole AA thing, people try to censor me on a regular basis. This is going to kick ass :o)


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