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New Userpics
Yes, I finally went and did it. My hair isn't long enough yet, but that'll take another like three or four weeks to get to, and I haven't the patience. So I made my new userpics already. Check them out here, and please give feedback :o)

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he's hot and he's mine

la dee da...

*wanders off*



Yup, all yours :o)

i like the fighting one. looks like you're ready to get your ass kicked by me :P

That in itself warrants me putting up the Fight picture, and threatening you with a severe wrestling match ;o)

Funny, that picture brings back a lot of unwanted memories....

Oh shut up, you make me come across as some unreasonable violent thug, and you know that's not true. Quit it, you shit-stirring little asshole.

I adore the 'goofy' one - what a great smile!

Ugh... Hate it. Looking like this is the reason why I rarely smile :o)

It's an adorable smile, seriously!! :-) It looks so nice and genuine and friendly!

No, I just look daft... It's annoying :o)

Well TPHBPHTPHT. I like it, so there. ;-)



i had you smiling for over an hour :)

That's different - nobody could see my Idiot Smile™ then ;o)

But I try to look more serious in real life, because my smile is stupid. I can just see my trip to America destroying that :o)

in the goofy grinny one you look like that guy. You know, that guy in that film. This isn't helping is it. I can't remember his name.. arse.

Ok name of the film.. it's ermm, it's ermm, bugger. I haven't seen it, but you look like him in the trailer. You don't at any other time, just in that photo.

Oh oh oh it's coming to me.. ermm, the talented something or other.

Nope. Sod it.

You refer to The Talented Mr Ripley, I presume. In which case, you're likening me to either Jude Law, or Matt Damon. Be aware that one of these is a hero of mine, and the other is somebody I want to kick squarely in the nuts. So which is it? ;o)

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