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Nice Vocals
Hmm... listening to Blink 182. Some vocals I like are.....
  • "One by one as they..." from Touchdown Boy. Tom's voice f'ing rules sometimes, and this is one of them
  • "Nothing to lose" from Dick Lips. In the normal album version, it's Tom, on the live album version it's Mark with the backing. The line is done so well.
  • "You don't belong..." from Anthem. The both of them, as far as I can tell, sing this line, and their voices together seriously kick ass. Individually they're good, but when they sing together, it's very cool.
  • "So sorry it's over..." from Man Overboard. Mark doing the vocals on the live version, it works so very well.
  • Mark's whole bass solo on Dysentary Gary, and the bridge that goes with it. His singing just rocks on that too...
Bah... Blink rule :o)

Also among those people who rule are Lifehouse. Listening to Breathing, at 03:07, I just love the music in the background. Pipes or something. It's so beautiful, I could listen to that song for hours....

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can you do me a favor? = )

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