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Bah, enough of Semisonic, and onto Blink 182, who make far more masturbation jokes, although fewer songs devoted to it...
"Maybe I'd impress her
By being in a band and
Maybe if I act real tough
She'd let me hold her hand and
Maybe I'll win her heart
By writing a song about her
Sometimes I sit and home and wonder if she's
Sitting at home and thinking of me and
Wondering if I'm sitting at home thinking about her"
- Blink 182, Wasting Time
I love that quote rather a lot right now... Great song too... Been listening to that song, "Song for Whoever" by the Beautiful South (wonderful love song), and Mint Royale's "Don't Falter", which is a great summer song. For it really is summer :o)

I had another quote I really wanted to use, but I forgot it. Bugger. I'll remember soon enough, I'm sure it was on either my Stroke 9 or Lifehouse CDs...

*goes to find them*


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