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Oh well
Another day, another significant payment of much needed money. My boss isn't in today, so I can relax a bit. I'll still, like, do all the work I have to, but at the same time, I'll be able to take breaks without feeling like I'm being monitored or something :o)

So anyway, last night's dream was weird.... I dreamt I was back up in Manchester, with the most beautiful girl in the universe (whose name is Becky, to which David (if he reads this before leaving) will reply "Pah!")... It was like 3am, and I knocked on her door, and invited her out for a drink. She agreed, and went off to get dressed (not that she was naked - just get dressed up). So she came out, and we went and had a couple of drinks. Which was nice. Then we got back to my house to find that somebody had broken in, but not taken anything. We found the burglar hiding at the bottom of my garden, and he was quite insane. Which was nice....

Anyway, is up and running, and will have content just as soon as I can, like, get around to putting it on. Which shouldn't take too long - should have a skeleton site up this weekend, and the full thing by the next weekend. Then the following week David gets home, and will no doubt want it all changed. Ho hum. Tonight's mission is adapting my LiveJournal Style to fit in with the colorscheme.... Which should be fun. It's nice to be able to play around with your own domain name. Speaking of which, I've changed the details in my LJ info to reflect my new stuff. Fun....

Well, off to eat breakfast now. David, if you come on and read this, have a good time, yadda yadda, everything I said last night basically. I won't remind you to call me, because you will anyway :o)

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