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I went to see my sub-dean, and had a chat with him. All is good, and I still go to University :o)

Basically, the talk was primarily about attendence of Workshops, explaining why they are so useful. He also asked how I felt I was doing on my courses. He was really reassuring, and so I've come away feeling pretty happy about the whole thing, so yay for me :o)

Hmm, anyway, let's see, what next.... Well, I have a lecture at 11:30, on Algebra and Geometry II, and another at 4pm. Both lasting 50 minutes. This is all my day. Not so bad, really... Tomorrow, I have another two lectures, on Wednesday I have one lecture and one workshop, Thursday sees me with two lectures, and on Friday I have just one lecture. All in all, not a bad week, leaving lots of time for... ugh... revision. Still, ought to be good.

It's so long since I've updated from the Computer Labs in Maths, it really is... I don't think I've done this since like the middle of last term. Anyhow, so other plans for today. Well, first of all, I've already posted the cheque for my phone bill. As in, the BT one. So that's one thing out of the way. Seen the Sub-Dean, another thing off my list. The last urgent thing on the list is to contact CampusLink, and tell them what I think of them. Valid points in my argument include:
  • You've already taken my money, you evil little bastards, take it up with my bank, not me
  • If you send an invoice to a University address during the holidays, you are unlikely to receive a response, you utter retards
  • You may now consider my contract terminated, do not ever contact me again under any circumstances
Of course, I'm yet to decide how this will be delivered. Will I do it in a polite, orderly fashion, as befits a civilized member of society, or will I explain this to them in the painfully harsh tones of somebody who has had just about enough of their shit? Only time will tell...

Anyhow, in random news, the ticker in Planetarion starts up in 50 minutes. Which means the game starts running... Which is good. Currently, we're working on a complex system of groups within our galaxy - in my group, I have my two favourite members of my Adjective Cult Army (The Farcical Dave and The Formidable Adam), and the two members of my Idiot Army that I managed to convert from the evil side (The Astute Evolvedmind and The Enlightened Ayrab). Hopefully the former will aid me in helping the latter understand what it means to be in the AA, and how to conduct themselves. I shall be teaching them :o)

I have plans for Planetarion and stuff, but those will be revealed later, and only to members of my select group - the rest of the galaxy can work without me on this one. If there is to be any sort of rivalry within the AA, then I want to come out of it on top :o)

Anyway, that's pretty much all I can think of saying about today, so let's rewind to yesterday...... Well, it involved going out to the Grapevine at about 9pm, which was nice. It's been a good many weeks since I've been there, and I (vaguely) missed the place. Although it did make my clothes ming somewhat, as bars tend to do. Present were Alex, Harry, Jimbo, Vicky, Lollo, Joyce, Mice, and assorted others. I managed to get through the night without spending any money, which was a nice exercise in being a student... Perhaps I'll always manage to get people buying me drinks, you never know - I might never need pay for anything ever again ;o)

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Take inspiration from my letter writing skills:

Dear Sir/Madam
I wish to make a complaint regarding employment at your Aylesbury branch of Tiny.

Around the end of February I enquired whether this store had any full time vacancies available. I was then told that "Yes there probably were" and "that the manager would phone me back later", that very same day. I wait five hours, still no phone call. Thus I phone back and am told to just come in and bring in my CV because there was a position going. Fine...

Pop into the shop, hand in CV. Expect some response within the next few days. Any good employer worth his salt would.

A week passes. Wondering if anybody has had the time to actually look at my CV. I phone and enquire about what has happened thus far. "The Manager is not in today... He will contact you shortly" OK then.

I wait yet another week. Phone again. "The Manager is busy at the moment. I will get him to phone you back." four or more hours pass. So, I phone, yet again. "The Manager is not here today." But wait! Apparently he was there earlier. Hmm...

Phone again yet another week later. And yes. No Manager.

Fed up with wasting my phone bill and time phoning them only to be told what appears to be lies. I make a trip into the store and ask what is going on. Suffice to say, yes, the Manager was not there. Surprise surprise. So I ask what is actually going on some four weeks after submitting my CV. And rather unoriginal, I am told that "The Manager will contact you soon." I leave it at that, rather than start ranting and raving in the shop.

So. Two weeks come and ago. And yes, you guessed it. Not a single word. This brings me up to last Friday then. In I go to your Aylesbury branch. Ask if I could see the Manager. Well I never expected this. He's not there yet again. No instead I am met by a rather abrupt person claiming that there is nothing he can do and that I am too demanding.

Too demanding? What? For one simple phone call in 42 days? Oh but of course...

So my opinion of Tiny then based on this one store. You appear to be completely and utterly rude and pig ignorant. If you can't even be bothered to help and contact people who take an interest in working for you then I hate to think what you are like to customers who part with their cash. Perhaps you won't even reply to this letter, thus affirming my opinion that yes you are rude and unwilling to help.

But hey, I apologise for even taking an interest in working at Tiny. It surprises me how you do get people to work for you if that's just part of the rigmarole you have to go through. I will take my skills and knowledge else where. Somewhere where they appreciate their employees and anyone who takes an interest in their business.

I bid you good day.

Daniel Cross

Suffice to say I am still awaiting a reply. Such is life eh?

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