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Told you...
See, things happen in my Uni life. Had Mice in here a while ago - she gave me a present from Gill (Mmm, chocolate), and we chatted for a while about how everything's going. She also showed me her fingernails - painted in Tigger colors and everything, I was really impressed. Topics of conversation included Harry and Alex, along with various other people. 'twas all good fun, and pleasant enough.

Anyhow, she left to get ready, and came back shortly afterwards with Marryat, both in costume. Her Tigger costume actually looks really good - lots of effort evidently went into it. Marryat's Owl costume was pretty good, but clearly not as thought-out. A simply mask and outfit.... Still, it looks good. I may go down to East Slope in a little while to have a look at them all there, or just wait until they come back here...

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Hiya! You don't know me or anything but I was just searching journals and you seem kinda interesting so I thought id just comment and say hi. Hope things are going well for you and that you're having a great weekend :)

oh, it doesn't matter

No, come on, you may as well say...

why did you throw may away like a used tissue. *sob* you know, i have feelings too. but im not bitter.......not bitter at all.

I didn't throw you away, it's not like that...

sure, sure, i completely believe you.

Bah, you see it all wrong, you know...

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