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Off to Uni...
Dunno if my phone line will be waiting for me when I get there. If not, then I'll be able to use the Uni computers for web browsing and such, so things like Livejournal and Planetarion will still be monitored. However, I'll not be able to chat for a couple of days. Which would be bad. Then again, Jen made me so happy last night, that I think I might be able to cope with just talking to her on LJ for a bit. It's not like I'll actually be gone :o)

Anyhow, the plan of action when I get there is to do two main things. The first is to tell my old phone company to shove their bills up their arses, since they're trying to charge me £100 more than they're owed. I've already changed my bank details to stop them getting any more money out of me, and I'm going to tell them that I'll write them a cheque for the real amount I owe them - if they want the rest, then they can take it up with the bank, who have already taken that sum from my account.

The other thing is talking to the mathematics sub-dean about the whole "You're gonna get kicked out" thing. Must be humble.... It's my own fault, after all. Anyway, should be an interesting few days. But then it's back to the normal way I go through Uni, and man am I looking forward to it. Since my phone calls aren't free during the day during the week, I'll try not to go on much if at all then. Which means I'll be forced to go to lectures, to socialise, etc....

Anyhow, I have all sorts of plans on how to sort my life out, which should be good. So we'll see how that goes :o)

Later, people :o)

(PS I love you)


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