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This just in from a certain Mr Curzon:
[00:44] Adacuerz: I am going to bed now bye
[00:44] *** Quits: Adacuerz (bed calls me, i must put on my nighty.....)
Heh... :o)

I just had a deadly meal. I call it The Ultimate Cereal. It consisted of:
  • Choco Cornflakes
  • Ricicles
  • Coco Pops
  • Frosties
  • Triple Chocolate Crunch
  • Choco Shreddies
  • Several spoons of drinking chocolate powder
  • Several spoons of sugar
  • A pint of milk
I just ate it. I think I may be about to die at any point... Icky. But yum :o)

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I'd be doing my Tasmanian Devil impersonation after eating that ...

let's hope you never become a diabetic :)

I have a nasty little suspicion that I might be. Not a Type 1, mind, I'd have noticed that. But I get very shaky when I'm low on blood sugar... Either that, or my body has adapted to ultra-high blood sugar, and it just can't cope with the extreme lows I have at times :o)

I think that it is quite possible. I am fine by the way. thanks webs. Becca xxx

I couldnt find my nighty last night so I had to sleep in my pyjamas and I dont like having to do that :-(

Well you could always sleep naked. How would that look on camera, eh?

Stay tuned, avid journal readers, while our operative in the field The Farcical Dave goes to collect the photographic evidence....

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