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Hull - Smaller, Shorter, and Cut
Where the hell to begin? I've so much to say, and so little time in which to say it. Let's start from the beginning - 6am, Wednesday. After about 5 hours of sleep, I finally managed to get up, eat breakfast etc., as demonstrated by the post on that morning. So that bit doesn't need explaining. Anyway, I got to the station with about 5 minutes to spare, which I spent getting my new railcard so that I can travel cheaply. I did so, got my ticket, and found myself £65 worse off. Oh well, as will be demonstrated, it was well worth it, in my opinion...

Anyway, the next leg is best described by my written journal (which came with me), which reads:

"Wed 11am - On the train to Hull, all smooth so far. 9:09am train from Princes Risborough to London, then walked to Baker Street, got the tube from there to Kings Cross. I'd forgotten how cavernous that part of Baker Street station is - the whole thing is very cool... Last time I'd been to that platform was with the school on our Chemistry trip to London (read: Fast Food Trip to London - no Chemistry occured). I'm currently 20 minutes into my journey from London to Hull. I listened to Everclear's GTFABA album on the way to London (I just love the two successive key changes in Rock Star - that's so well done), and I'm now listening to Stroke 9... Yadda yadda, trying to get some kip - easier said than done. More later..."

As the train finally pulled into Hull almost three hours after that, it started snowing. Bloody northerners and their odd weather... Anyway, finally got to the station, on time, which was nice. Wandered down the platform, and spied two rather dodgy looking geezers, and a non-dogy looking lass. One of them was this man:

Now, he looks scary, does he not? And from a distance, he was indeed menacing. However, when up close, I realised that he's a good few inches shorter than me. The illusion shattered, Adam became a normal man. So sad.... The other dodgy geezer present was this man:

The same height as Adam, but far less menacing. First impressions were along the lines of "He doesn't look much like his picture" Which is loosely true. He doesn't look that like his pictures - in reality, he looks far less geeky, for starters :o) And finally, the third person was this lass:

Now she looked nothing like her pictures. Observe:

See? Nothing like them. Which was a bit of a problem, since it took me a good while to realign my mental image of Kat to what she actually looked like, and even then, it still felt a bit odd. Specifically since, for the first time in many years, I was at a loss for what to say to somebody. Mind, we eventually got talking at various times.

Anyway, after leaving the station, we went for coffee. At this point, things were pretty separated - Adam and I chatted, while Dave and Kat talked among themselves. Adam told me of Dave's love for coffee, Pepsi Max, and various other things. We also discussed Martin, who (by all accounts) decided not to come along because he had a lot of Usenet stuff to catch up on. I will keep my opinion on that to myself, but I'm sure anybody who knows me will know what I think of that...

Anyhow, had coffee, discussed Manchester United's impending doom with Kat (she's a fan, the poor thing), and generally chatted, which was nice. Again, the bulk of my conversation seemed to be with Adam - Dave was otherwise verbally engaged :o)

So, let's move on a bit. We then went to McDonalds, because Adam needed a burger. I dunno what the deal with Adam and burgers is, but that's the only thing I've ever seen him eat (granted, it was only twice).... I'd have had something, but I wasn't hungry at the time (familiar story), so... Bah. Anyhow, so that took us a while, and after a bit of walking, I think we decided to go to Dave's house. They tried to send me to all sorts of weird places on the bus, but I was 'aving none of that, so I just followed Kat onto the bus and said "Same again". Just as well - bloody bus drivers couldn't understand my accent anyway, so I'm glad I didn't try to specify a real location :o)

The bus journey consisted of yet more chatting and stuff, and a bit of sight-seeing (nothing too special). Anyway, we got to Dave's, which is a nice house in what seemed to be an OK area. Couldn't really tell though... Went upstairs and had a long session of "Deciding What To Do" - which basically involves going around everybody present and asking them what we want to do, which is responded to with an "I dunno, ask somebody else". Adam's excuse was that he always decides what to do during term time so he was exempt, Dave's excuse was that he provides the venue, not the ideas, Kat's excuse was.... Um... I forget, actually. Probably something as equally invalid as all the other excuses. Mine was that I didn't mind what we did, and wasn't good at judging what others would enjoy.

We finally agreed on playing Risk™. Adam generally wins this game, Dave always loses, so I figured it'd be fun to participate in. My particular mission was to conquer Africa and North America, so I put most of my troops in Africa and South America. I didn't want people knowing about Norther America, in case they tried to stop me. Kat needed South America, and put an immense number of troops in Brazil. I never did manage to get her out of there, although I managed to 0wn Africa. I tried to push up into North America under the guise of just wiping out Dave (a plan that everybody liked at the time), but Adam stopped me. He then allowed Dave to survive in North America, and failed to stop Kat from doing as she pleased with me (*ahem* ;o)... Which basically meant she chased me out of South America and Africa, and went on to win... Bah... Thankfully, Dave still lost - hooray :o)

After Risk, it was time for dinner. I had nothing, thus making me the first person to be able to not eat at Dave's house... Nothing, that is, until his mom offered me mousse. Curses, I was too weak, and I ended up having some. But it was a close thing... We then went upstairs and played Scrabble. I told them I'd take them all on, and I did come a very reasonable second place. But sodding Adam Curzon only goes and plays all his 7 letters on the first turn of the game, thus meaning that he gets a 50 point bonus, plus a double word score. I was close to catching him up at various points, but he still won resoundingly. Shame.

Then we played on the N64, and I lost everything on that too. It really wasn't my day. I proved that I have no tactical ability (Risk), no intelligence (Scrabble) and no reflexes (Mariokart). Anyway, after that, Dave's mother kindly gave us a life to Kat's house, after dropping Adam off at home. You realise, Adam, I now know where you live. There is no escaping from your doom, earned by your beating me at everything :o)

Anyway, we arrived at Kat's house just in time to watch the football. Damned good game, in my opinion. Mind, Manchester United got hammered, which wasn't as much fun as it should have been - I wanted to see Bayern punished for what they did to Arsenal, and also now it means I'll have to put up with Ebs and his infernal cockiness... Oh well. Still, good game. Present watching were myself, Dave (who understands nothing of football - we had to explain Away Goals to him), Kat, and Kat's mother and sister. Oh, and her cat, who is called Tom and is lovely :o)

Moving on, after some chocolate (damn my inability to refuse sweet food!), we then went upstairs to go online. This really didn't work very well - Kat's sister was on the phone to somebody, so we couldn't get on for ages. We passed the time by scanning in a photo of Adam wearing a Nightie. I took a picture of the photo with my digital camera, just for fun:

Eventually, we got online, but only for about two minutes at a time, so we didn't get to do anything. So we came downstairs, and this is where my perception starts to die. I can't actually remember what we did in the four hours, aside from watch Starship Troopers. It may have just been ST and chatting, perhaps Dave can help me out on this one.

About Starship Troopers - it's an amazing film. Such a great satire on more issues than I care to mention. I advise those people who've not seen it to watch it immediately - it works on the coolness level, the action level, the sci fi level, and the deep humour level. Anyway, after the film, Kat was practically asleep, and neither Dave nor myself was especially awake, so we made arrangements to get some sleep. One thing is that, as Ben, Oliver, and probably David know, when I get very tired, on the edge of sleeping, I often say silly things to people. I still dunno what I said to Dave Weds night, but I know bits... Hmm... Thankfully, Dave has the worst memory of anybody ever, so he'll not remember anything. Silly boy... :o)

So, fast-forward through the night. I slept peacefully, I even had a dream, which was pretty new. I very rarely have dreams when I'm sleeping somewhere away from home. I don't remember what it was about, mind... So we get to the morning - I woke up at about 8:30am, to the sounds of Kat's little brother being told he wasn't allowed to come into the living room (where Dave and myself were sleeping). Anyway, he came in at about 9am, and Dave and I were already awake. We got up, watched cartoons for a while, watched some music videos, and installed Kat's new modem.

Oh, also, Kat's little brother showed me his hamsters. The kid was violent and hyperactive to me the whole time, but as soon as he got his little albino Russian dwarf hamsters out, he was totally calm.... He was even nice!! He managed to get them to go to the toilet on Dave, which was also a good thing :o) We also played some games on the N64, all of which I lost horribly. I really didn't have the luckiest time, really, all things considered :o)

Anyway, we eventually left Kat's at about 1:30pm, to go to the Co-op, where Laura works. Found her after a bit of wandering around and asking somebody, and spoke to her for a while. Which was nice. Descriptions will be found later, in what is imaginatively titled "The Descriptions Bit". Anyway, we then got the bus into Hull, and spent much of the journey chatting some more...

In Hull, we went to Burger King so that I could eat, and then to McDonalds so that I could eat some more. Yummy... I'd not eaten in quite a while, so I was kinda hungry. More chatting went on, and we went wandering around a few shops for various reasons. Eventually, we ended up back at the station, where various pictures were taken of people, as can be seen. Some whopping hi-res shots too...

Anyway, now for the amusing tale of my journey home. Well, I think it's funny anyway... Let's see, I missed my first train, the next one was cancelled, and the next one after that was 15 minutes late. So I got on it, got to Doncaster where I had to change, and my train to London was 10 minutes late. Finally got to London, and went on the tube. Waited 5 minutes at Kings Cross for the train to start moving, it got as far as Euston Square (one stop), and then halted for 10 minutes. I left the train, and went out into London and tried to find my own way. I was going the right way, but I just made sure by phoning my parents and checking. Anyway, I got to Regents Park station, which is on the line I wanted, and went in. My ticket wasn't working on the machine, so I gave it to one of the official type people, who ran it through their machine to see what was wrong with it. Their machine ate it, and I spent the next five minutes waiting for them to get the ticket back for me. I finally got it back, caught my tube train (with a wait of five more minutes), and got to the station. I then got on my train home after another huge wait, and got back to my house at about 11:45pm. Hooray, home.

Phew. There's the facts. Now the opinions :o)

People. What to say about people. Dave first, he's most of the reason I went up there (despite what I may say about it having been Kat to wind him up)... He was mostly how I expected, although he was funnier in real life than I had been assuming him to be. Especially watching him interact with Adam - quite something, really, to see two Adjective Assholes who already know each other. Normally, the joking type interaction is kept confined to the newsgroups - when I've met people "in real life", they've kept things more serious...

Anyway, what to say about Adam. Top bloke, really. AA material if ever I saw it - very funny, friendly, and all-round quite cool actually. A bit shorter than required for that real menacing look, but still... :o)

Laura - hmm.... Despite various things that've been said to me, she didn't come across as being that short. Obviously she is, but that's now how it comes across. She's just a person in miniature, rather than looking short. Which is different, honest it is. Much prettier than her pictures, and I was pleased to see that she wasn't taking shit off Dave, the big bully ;o)

Kat... Great lass... Don't blame Dave for liking her at all, she's damned cool. Plus, I managed to beat her at MarioKart, that's worth something.

I have much more to say. But I'll shut up now :o)

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I must say that I am the greatest scrabble player that ever lived!!!!!

I would have won risk if I didnt ignore kat, i will know for the future.

James you are also a top bloke :-)

Oh and about the nighty picture, I quite often wear it as I am always at the height of fashion.

You are not. You got a lucky first go. If you'd not got that single word, I'd have won. I hate you :o)

Yes, you totally ignored Kat, let her practically wipe me out, and then win. You should've let me kill Dave while I had the chance, and gone after Kat yourself. We could have ruled the planet together, but noooooooooooo.... :o)

As for the nightie, Dave told me all about it. I think it's sick what you do, but I guess I can't complain.....

Should I point out that the hamster crapped on your hand before it crapped on my leg? Yes, that sounds like a good place to start ; )

What else? Kat's sofa is one of the best places to sleep ever, it's amazing : )

I dunno what else to say really, it was muchly fun and will have to be done again I think...possibly us coming to see you at Sussex : )

Now to think what to write about you.... : )

Re: Hmm, what to put?

Yes, but it crapped on me, and I then went and cleaned myself up. However, I had David knocking on the door every five minutes, informing me that the hamster kept crapping on you. I found this most amusing :o)

Kat's sofa is indeed amazing - I had such a good night's sleep, and hence why I actually managed to dream. More comfy than my uni bed, that :o)

Yes, you must come to Sussex. You must also only write nice things about me :o)

sounds like you had alot of fun! i want to go back to london...hmmm...anyway, i like the way you tell your stories. they're very entertaining. = )

I don't think I write them that well. I need to learn how to write properly, then I'll be able to do them well. As it is, it's just a load of nonsense sown together with a few facts...

Anyhow, I prefer the uncut version of that post - as you can see, that's not everything. But my first version was just too long and stuff...

That has got to be one of the longest livejournal posts I've ever seen/read in my life... wow.

This is nothing. I've done longer :o)

Sounds like you had fun with your hoodlum friends.

Ermm. congratulations.

(well what else am I supposed to say? hurrah?)


*runs away*

What an odd little creature :o)

Oops, forgot to remind you what we did.

Watched Starship Troopers and Toy Story 2 then bed : )

Ah, of course - I'd completely forgotten about Toy Story 2. Yeah, that was after Rachel had gone to bed, wasn't it?

We also discussed Martin, who (by all accounts) decided not to come along because he had a lot of Usenet stuff to catch up on.

I think he may have been overly nice with what I actually said... You *might* want to ask him.

OK, I'll make sure I do that as soon as I start to care...

Thankyou for writing nice stuff bout me. U do write well and is interesting to read. but please can we see the uncut version.

And can u send us sum nice weather up here. its damn cold

The uncut version doesn't get aired. The extra few hundred words really don't add anything to the story, and are pretty useless. It's just a bit of extra description about people, and more about the films we watched there. Stuff I don't really need to say.

No, I'm keeping the nice weather here in Brighton. I like it :o)

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