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Quick Pictures
Here you go - some pictures of Dave, Adam and Kat.... Sorry if any are too large - I'll take this post down tomorrow and build a proper one with these in, but for now, you can have the bad version :o)

Oh, and I've put a load of them into 100x100 size, for easy transferring to your userpics, you lot....

Dave looking "normal"

Dave doing "The Pose"

Dave doing "The Pose" in a scary way

Demon Dave, after his soul was stolen by the camera

Dave, looking more or less normal

Dave and Kat

Dave and Kat again

The Formidable Adam

The Full Adam

The Sideways Adam

The Adorable Adam (yes, that is a nightie he's wearing there)


Kat, looking at Dave (who knows why?!)

Kat again

Kat does "The Pose" in the style of "Why am I doing this?"

Kat does "The Pose" in the style of "I look serious, don't I?"

Kat does "The Pose" in the style of "This pose is a bit silly"

Me! See how menacing I look? According to Dave, I managed to actually blend in while I was in Hull. Now there's a disturbing thought :o(

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Hmm, all I have to say is WTF happened to the ones where I'm wearing the coat!? : (

Lovely annorack you have there Dave... nice specs too :-)

/me hides quickly before someone points out he also owns an annorack and has been known to wear specs...

Ditto on both, I think an anorak and specs constitutes a fashion statement. ;-)

Good pics, my life is now complete since staring up James' nose ...

And it's a LOVELY nose!!!! *HUG*

(I was being silly, not nasty, sweetie! *HUG*)

Hmm.... OK then.... :o)

Why thank you, I thought they were rather fetching and just a shade more practical for snow than the other summer jacket I had : )

These pictures of this Adam guy are driving me wild!! Who is he?? My my my . .

But of course, sweet Jim, I loved your menacing picture better than any of them - very nice :o) look like suggs (madness singer) with that haircut (nothing bad with that...i quite like madness) :-)

Actually, I can vaguely see that. So long as you mean Suggs as he previously looked, and not him as he looks now. Because that's bad.


you couldn't look menacing if you tried :D

you're just too adorable, and you're going to stay that way in my eyes

Aww.... That's OK then :o)

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