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Oh well, it's late(ish)
Bed-time for Jimmy I think... I need my sleep if I'm to function at all tomorrow (lots to do, including persuading my boss why I think what I do about some results). Fortunately, this week is nicely broken into two distinct parts. First, we have Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. But hey, that's only three days, I can manage that. Then on Thursday, it's glorious a-level results day - rest assured that regardless of what they are, I shall post them here ASAP. Then I get the rest of that day off, to relax, mope and/or rejoice. David ought to be calling sometime on Thursday, to find out what I got. Otherwise I'm tracking him down.....

Then, of course, I just have work on Friday and then get my weekend. So it's a good week, I think. Anyway, bed for me now. Goodnight all...


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