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I'm here and safe and stuff, which is good... Um, I have lots to say, but my typing has gone crap on this keyboard, so I can't actually say it. Oh well...

Anyhow, I should be home tonight - I was given the chance to stay another night, but frankly Dave is just getting on my tits ;o)

Well, that and the fact that I have lunch plans with Becca on Friday... Anyhow, in brief, Adam is just as I expected (good? Bad? You decide...), Dave is... well... Dave (he's behind me, I can't tell the truth or he'll kill me), and Kat is... well... Dave'd kill me for that too ;o)

Anyway, no doubt more will follow later :o)

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and I'm????????????? A complete pain in the neck short arse!!!!hehehe

"A complete pain in the neck"

*cough*pain in the ankle more like...*cough*

; )

Not in the slightest - but I can't say what I thought yet - has to be saved for the big post tomorrow :o)

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