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Hooray for Music
I have successfully managed to get my brother out of his idiotic "I only listen to rap and hiphop" phase.... Hooray. He went out and bought Blink 182 - Cheshire Cat yesterday, which is the first non-rap album he's bought in ages. Ah, it's a good feeling to be able to bring good music into somebody's life... And, you never know, Punk Pop is only one removed from Punk Rock - perhaps we can make a rocker out of my brother yet. Wonder if I can persuade him to like Everclear ;o)

Anyhow, time for a shower in a minute - I need to be leaving the house in about 70 minutes, to get to the bus stop, to get the bus to the station. One website told me that the ticket would cost me about £45 - kinda annoying, since going to Manchester was only £21... Ho hum, I guess I can cope. As promised, I'm bringing the digital camera with me - shots of me will be funny though, since I'll have to take them myself. I'm under strict instructions not to let another human being touch the thing, on pain of pain. My dad was very reluctant to lend it to me in the first place, so best not anger him. Plus, I don't trust you 'ull lot anyway ;o)

Anyhow, I've got my money, so junkfood central here I come. I've just topped up my sugar with a bowl of cereal, so I'm kinda shivering now. Don't ask, I don't want to have to go into the pros and cons of putting myself horrible hyperglycemic. But, in short, it hinges around shivering fits either way I look at it, and at least when I'm hyper- it means that it soon subsides, and I get to feel normal for as long as possible. Better than going hypo- and finding myself close to passing out, which I do every now and again. Sometime I really ought to use my dad's machine thing to test my blood-sugar level, just to see whether all is well. But I'm kinda scared to do that - the amount I abuse my body with sugar just isn't funny...

Anyhow, it's off for a shower, shave, then sorting out my hair, picking out clothes, and stuff. Looking out of the window, it's hard to tell the weather right now - half an hour ago, it was blue skies and lovely sunshine, but now there's the sort of sun that you get around rain, and the skies have more clouds in. Not that any of it matters - I'm going about 150-200 miles or so, and the weather will be somewhat different up there. Given that it's Hull, it'll be shite, I expect. I'll bring my Sussex Uni hooded top with me - that should afford me some warmth. And then I'll also bring my jacket, whose padding ought to keep me safe from all but all-out-nuclear-holocaust :o)

Expect reports of events going on at some point - perhaps during my time there, perhaps a big thing when I come back :o)

Missing you...

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Well, I already like some Everclear songs so I'm getting there.... And I'm learning to play Blink songs on the guitar, so.... I think it worked. You've already made a rocker out of me.


because that whole hip-hop thing was cool maybe 6-10 years ago, but now there's better things out there :)

You should do like me....i burn CDs for my brother with stuff i think he should like....last time i came home i had 4 burned CDs for him....his music taste is way more specific than mine (i like just about everything....) I love turning him on to new stuff. So when i make him CDs they end up as a weird mix of everything (for instance: Chic, Limblifter, Moloko, Phoenix or anything...) now he kinda likes supergrass, and 2 months ago he had no idea who they were...When he goes to Wales i'll have to send him mix CDs...

As for punk rock....there is only one band that matters....

I've gotta write a post about me being a total music junkie :-)

(Deleted comment)
If there is only one band that matters, Blink 182 is it.

them nasty boys from the clash are gonna kick you in for that. Anyways i don't claim that they're the only band that matters, but the music press did at around 79 when "london calling" released.....

Re: rock the casbah...

But were the Clash better than the Jam?

(Response: NO!)

Re: rock the casbah...

I agree. Personally i think "setting sons" is a way better album than "london calling"...but then again, were the Jam punk??

and what pray tell is wrong with rap and hiphop?
just wondering
also, good thing with the i must have tons of sugar =)
quote from the film 'michael' "u can never have too much sugar" which i personally see to be true =)

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