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Goodnight all. See some of you tomorrow, others, I won't.... *sigh*

PS I don't snore :o)

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Don't worry snoring isn't a problem...well not for us anyway, you might find being smothered to death with a pillow a problem though...

you'd be surprised how good he is at escaping that even when sleeping, I think I tried to kill him 3 times with a pillow, all in the same night, yet even sleeping he managed to avoid the whole death thing, its quite disconcerting how hard killing someone with a pillow is these days.

Hmm, well there's three of us so Adam could hold him down while I smother him with a pillow and Kat slits his throat...that should do it...and put a nice tidy sum of money in my pocket thanks to certain AA members ; )


How were these three times distributed among the two visits? Specifically, did you try to kill me in Manchester, but liked me enough to let me live in Sussex? Or are you increasing the number of attempts on my life with each visit? :o)

well i don't snore either

and i'm sorry i missed you today :(

it's been a terribly busy day, i don't feel well at all, and i was scanning a lot this afternoon and printing, which is difficult to do when also online



Don't worry too much about it - I'll survive. Just ;o)

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