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I had a nice entry, all ready, then absent-mindedly restarted my computer without posting, and... well... suffice it to say, the entry is no longer here. Arse.

So, anyway, today has been another slow day. I went on a jog earlier, well, more a run really, but it didn't last too long. I wanted to find some bus times out, but that didn't really work since they weren't up at the bus stop. So, since I had run down there, I decided to just keep on running for a bit. Didn't go especially far, but I felt better for having done it...

Anyway, tomorrow, tomorrow.... Finally discovered at about 8pm that I will indeed be going to Hull tomorrow - I love last minute things, they're so much more fun to plan. So, I'm aiming to get to Hull at about 1:40pm, which means that I shall have to be at Kings Cross at 10:36am, which means I'll have to get either the 9:09am or 9:17am train from here to get there in time. Which means getting the bus at 8:49am... Which means leaving the house at 8:45am. So that means I'll have to aim to be ready by 8:30am, to avoid problems. Which means I'll get up at 7:15am, have breakfast until 7:30, which gives me an hour to go online and fiddle with various things (as you do...), and have a shower and shave etc.

Anyhow, in theory, when I get to Hull I will be greeted by Dave and Kat, and then later I'll catch up with Adam, and also at some point with Laura, or so I have been led to believe. And hopefully, if possible, Martin too... Which will be fun, although slightly daunting. Then it's dossing around the whole day, followed by spending the night at Kat's with Dave and possibly Adam, then another day of dossing. Ah, I love this.... :o)

Then I'll be coming back Thursday evening. I don't know train times, I thought it'd be more fun to just guess, and chance my luck. But I'll make sure that I get back in plenty of time and stuff, so it's back to being online, talking to the girl I love :o)

Righty-ho then, Friday, I'm going to Risborough in the early afternoon to see Becca at the pub, then it's off to get a late lunch, followed by seeing a film together. Which should be fun - especially if we go the same route back from the cinema as last time - oh, the joys I have criticizing her driving - poor sweet thing takes it to heart.... She should know I don't mean anything nasty about her by now.... :o)

And then Saturday, it's back to Uni, for more late night parties, socializing, and general fun. Hooray!

Anyhow, I should go to bed soon, if I want to be up tomorrow morning on time...

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Give Dave and Martin a big huge HIYA LADS! from me, please?

I'll try. Dave, certainly - I dunno if Martin will be there yet (but I'm hoping so)

I told him he was welcome to come with us and we'd like to see him there.

He appears to have other plans. : (

I told him roughly how long you were staying and that he was welcome to turn up whenever.

I'm to say "hi" to you.

Guess he won't be coming then : (


Hi James!
This is Ebs. Hello, ol' lad? late nights, socializing, what? I mean yeah I love socializing with u ( u know I want ur bum) but u have to come out of ur room for that.

See u, looking forward to see u back at Uni ( and tasting the s.s. (Sandwich Supreme))
P.S.: Alex is not visiting ur room at 4 am.


Woah, this is so cool :o)

Anyhow, I do socialise - generally, it's just with you people in the flat, but then, when I live with such excellent people, who needs anybody else? :o)

And yes, I know you want my arse. Well you can't have it, not until you pay me the agreed fee. My bum doesn't come for free Ebs.... And I don't need to come out of my room - I'm sure you recall that you seem to be able to get a peek at me through the window from time to time - or at least try :o)

And yes, everybody will eat the Ultimate Sandwich. Vicky liked it, so logically it must be yummy.... Or something... :o)

And if Alex doesn't visit my room at 4am, I shall cry...

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