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Coming soon....
When I get back to Uni, where the lighting conditions are better, and once my hair has grown a little longer (I'll give it another couple of weeks, then it should be ready), I too shall be getting new userpics. I'll go back to the old system where I had a different userpic for different moods, much like Siggy has now. Which will rule, provided I actually use them. I shall be wearing my tight black t-shirt, have my hair spiky, and set the lighting up right. Much in the manner of this userpic here, only I'll do different poses, and stuff, and it'll generally be good :o)

Anyhow, nothing much going on right now. David is home, and is posting copious quantities of shite, as per ;o) Anyway, that's all for now. No doubt there'll be more later. Still dunno when I'm going to the cinema with Becca, nor whether I'm going to Hull tomorrow, which is... um.... fun... :o)

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You have poses now. But they only work if the pose in question requires you to hold your chin.

Indeed I do, but I want variety.... I can't get that here, because I hate all pictures taken at home - none of them work how I want them to. Stupid lighting conditions - the light is either normal behind me, or ultra-bright in front of me. At Uni, I have two lamps, an overhead light that is pretty much central to the room, and far more scope for taking better pictures.

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