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Right, off to bed...
The deal is, early nights are good for me, and they afford me other more exciting opportunities... For instance, early nights now mean less aggravation from my parents, which means a happier time while I am awake. Furthermore, my week is suddenly getting more and more busy. Wednesday night, I may well be up in Hull with Dave, Adam, Kat etc... That means I'll be away from Wednesday morning until Thursday evening (which sucks in terms of talking to Jen)... Then sometime this week Becca promised to see BJD with me at the cinema, and since she's not at her happiest right now, I'll throw in a meal with that (I'll pay, don't fret) to cheer her up. Although frankly, food and a film with me is hardly the sort of thing that cheers people up, but heck, Becca is a strange lass... :o)

Anyhow, so there's a taxing week. Not got many days at all really until I'm back at Uni....


G'night all...

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You are my Angel and Saviour, and I love you...I'll be mighty cheered up. ;0)

Yeah, you'd better be... If you're not happier, then I'll have to kill you ;o)

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