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IRC Fun...
I decided to spawn 30 clones of myself... sadly, this earned me a K-Line from the server I was on... A disconnect, and a reconnect on a different IP later, and I was back. Myself and DMZ set up some scripts whereby he'd say something which'd make my client reply with something which'd make his reply with the original thing, thus looping. Very amusing... Until people kicked me, so I kicked Martin, LogicZero kicked me, I came back in, kicked LogicZero, he came back in, DMZ op'd him, LogicZero deop'd DMZ for some reason, so I kicked and banned the stupid bot, and that's pretty much the end of it.

Ah, but it were amusing for a while there :o)

Mind, nobody else will find this funny, and half of you won't even get what I'm saying. Which is bad.


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