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So, my day...
Well, since I went to bed at about midnight last night, I had a damned good night's sleep. Had some odd dreams, which involved myself, Chris and Jen all being a foot shorter than everybody around us, in the canteen back at school.... Brought back nice memories when I remember back then - ah, things were so much simpler. Life was easy, although naturally I didn't appreciate that fact at the time... Ho hum, things change, eh :o)

Anyhow, I've paid off yet another credit card bill with my mother's money, hopefully, that's the last of them (actually, I know that's the last of them).... I've also found my phone bill, which I had written the cheque for about a month ago, and forgotten to pay. Shit. Hopefully they've not disconnected me, so I can go pay it.... Oh well, otherwise, it's a reconnection fee, which I'd rather not have to pay. Oh, and I've been preparing my evidence of illness stuff for my coursework, although I need my candidate number to do that, which is back at Uni. Damn. Oh well, another thing to add to my "To Do Lits"...

Anyhow, after a couple of hours doing very little this morning, I had some pizza. Yummy. Another hour of doing nothing followed, which was nice and relaxing. Watched some South Park, among other things. You know, I think I'll watch The Shawshank Redemption again tomorrow - it's been a while since I've watched that, and it's one of the most moving films I've ever seen. There's one passage in particular from it that has specific relevance, but more on that at a later date...

After my little spell of doing nothing, I then went upstairs to have a shower, shave, get dressed, and otherwise make myself presentable, all of which took about 40 minutes or so. It's nice to be able to do it all at a leisurely pace, rather than the rushed mornings in the flat at Uni, which generally involve waiting a while for a shower. And don't even get me started on the arguments which follow games of football as to who gets the showers first - two showers between 12 people is OK when half your flat don't get up until midday (and there have been many occasions where I've got up at a reasonable time, so no sarcastic comments thank you), but you try having 6 of your flat out playing football, and then all coming back expecting to have a shower...

Anyway, nice little nostalgic tangent there - I miss everybody. It'll be wonderful to get back this weekend... So yes, I got ready, and then Chris, Rachael and Dan arrived to pick me up. After a relatively short drive, we got to Aylesbury to go bowling. We'd have got there faster, only Chris was driving extra-safely with his girlfriend in the car. Prompts you to question whether he cares about her safety, but not Dan's and mine... ;o)

Right, so bowling. Please bow down to the King of Bowling, Mr Jim Webley. Yes, indeed I did win. We had two games, and none of the others got higher than 100. I, on the other hand, scored 102 and 129 (which are good scores for me). I'd not mention it, only I generally suck completely at bowling, and so this victory is something of a special event for me. Then again, technically, I didn't win the second game. A couple of times, the machines and/or pins subtly altered the game in my favour - i.e., things fell down, or pins were considered knocked down by the computer when they shouldn't have been. I got a couple of spares out of no skill of my own.... But still, my performance on the last couple of shots, which I played fairly, put me well ahead, sufficiently so that my previous "cheating" (it wasn't as if I did anything) was irrelevant. However, best to play fair and assume that Dan won :o)

Anyhow, came back, to find that two of my uncles, an aunt, my grandparents, and my cousins were over. Cool.... Didn't speak much at the time - there wasn't much room in the house, on account of how there were lots of people around. However, after an uncle and my grandparents left, I came through and chatted a bit. I was my normal, sarcastic, charming self, which thankfully appealed to all (except perhaps my family, but they at least appreciated the fact that I made my uncle and cousins laugh a good few times)... Ah, life and soul of the party, me... ;o)

Ho hum... Anyhow, I left to come on the computer, and chatted to my darling Jen for a bit. God I've missed her... Anyway, she left, and I had a very brief e-mail discussion with Gabby about... things... And with the exception of talking to Morgan about David for a bit, that brings us pretty much up to date :o)

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I had a very brief e-mail discussion with Gabby about... things...

No doubt I will pester you when you come online.

I can assume talking to me would have been fairly difficult, what with me not being home on the 16th and such.

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