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It's a mad mad mad mad world....
Myself, Kit and TMA have been wandering AmIHotOrNot just randomly discussing various people, and things. As you do at 2am when you're bored... Anyhow, moving swiftly on, the other night, for a laugh, I put my picture up:

Over 200 votes and 24 hours later, my picture stops being rated, and ends its run at a rather nice 9.5. I'm well pleased with that - when you look through the site at guys who scored less than me, it's kinda cool - turns out, it is possible for people to take good pictures of me, despite my previous doubts...

Anyhow, should be good next week - going up to Hull, and I hope to be taking my dad's Digital Camera with me. Many pictures of myself, Adam, Dave, Kat, and anybody else up there to come. And lo, you'll get outside shots of me too! Usually, there are very few of those, on account of me hating having my picture taken for anything other than my webcam, which can only do interior shots. But I guess I can bear to have my pic taken for the Digital Camera. Expect many photos of myself, Dave, et al.

Anyway, at present, Kit is talking about setting me up with one of TMA's (male) mates, and I'm just sat here commenting, replying, the usual... It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it :o)

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I think about sums it up :0P

please no james poses... THATS what I mean, hmmmmmmmmmmmm ;0) Nice pic though, goes with your lovely voice!

Jesus Christ, get a room...

"Also blokey from the pub was soooo drunk last night he said something along the lines of 'I am soooo drunk I am not goign to be able to make it to my front door let alone do anthing else...' But he did ask what I was doing this weekend, and said he'd see me at the DOES THAT MEAN????? "

You're not interested remember!!! :P

Don't take that the wrong way - Becca has never exactly been a one-man type of girl... ;o)

I see... you know there's still time for you to hang around next Sunday to protect me!!!! :P

Um... no. I shall be back at Uni, and nothing will bring me back here :o)

don't even try the james pose

james is sexier


Wow, did I tell you today how much I love you? :o)

Jesus Christ, get a room... :P

Biased! I know what Adele would say... ;)

Would it be something along the lines of:
Don't even try the James Pose®©™
James is sexier

Nah, something more along the lines of...

She may be cute but she has no taste.
Dan is sexier.

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