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I am the mind warper
I gave some friends a link. I won't put the link here, it's not a nice site. Anyhow, here are some reactions:
[00:28] Deity1: OH MY GOD
[00:28] Deity1: DO NOT GO THERE
Kit evidently didn't think too highly of it. Nor did Tom:
[00:44] [AA]TTTom: omg...
[00:44] [AA]TTTom: that is sick
Nor Dave:
Dave - Return of the Farce says:
Dave - Return of the Farce says:
Thats is.....
Dave - Return of the Farce says:
Jimbi - Add Jim[at] to your lists - it's my new one says:
Seen it then?
Dave - Return of the Farce says:
Unfortunately :o
I'm evil... I blame DMZ and David Lees for giving me the link in the first place though :o)

Update: This just in:
[01:40] TMA: That's horrible
Thank you :o)

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come on.. hand over the url damn you!

God no. Ask David Lees for the URL, he'll oblige...

That sort of genre, certainly...

Just because you called him a rectum last time, and he told you that you were just as fucked up as PT.......... ;o)

I 0wn j00

This user has logged my ip address...eek...better use a proxy....

Anyway, I'm bored....

Bloody Hell, Kit...

*** Looking up
*** Resolved to
*** Looking up
*** Resolved to
*** Looking up
*** Resolved to

You don't half leave a mess behind you... But I knew it was you (who else leaves three IPs?), so j00 must b0w d0wn to your new G0d ;o)

Re: I 0wn j00

Also the fact that i said it was me may have tipped you off...

That too... But I'd have known it was you. It was just way too obvious :o)

dammit, gimme the url! :oP tiffy wants to see!

No. It's too sick and wrong.

im a big girl! i can handle it! my mind is already warped.!

No, no you're not, you're sweet and innocent, and I refuse to corrupt you :o) not sweet and innocent..thats only my act. :oD

Regardless, I simply can't say in public :o)

Tch. come onnnnnnnn....i wanna know!!!!

(Deleted comment)
omg. that is disgusting.i think i need to lay

whats even more i have SEEN that picture think i saw it over on now thats some twisted stuff there...allthough every now and then you can find something funny...urgh.

Personally, I think David Lees is a very twisted individual.

If this is the site that I saw, then I agree 110%. James didn't see it as far as I know and if he did it means he went back there after I'd gone which is kinda scary.... I remember when James got the link he said "Oh God, I bet this is goat porn of something"...

David sent me the link too.

He seems to be enjoying looking at it allnight and kept commenting about how big he can do it. He also added that he want to try it.

Strange guy.

The Farcical Dave took me to see this link and my reaction was as follows:

"Urgghhh, bloody hell, that's grotty, take it away, get rid of it quick!"

And it was extremely disgusting.

Further proof, as if it were needed, that Dave is a sick man. Imagine sending you to that link - the lad needs help.......

Well, i could have said no, but that's humans for you. We're far too curious for our own good...

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