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Oi, Becca

Oi, you. Yes, you. When are we going to go see this film then? Any idea about which night or afternoon or whatever? Either reply to this, or call me, or whatever.

Ugh, now I'm using this thing as my own personal little message board. But then again, what else do I have to write about? :o)

Random Space-Filling Content: I thought I'd discuss with you, for a moment, my stupidest moments involving alcohol, all of which contributed to the fact that I don't really drink any more (except occasionally).
  1. Drinking one type of brandy, then archers, then another type of brandy, without anything between them, and then chucking all night much to the amusement of all my flatmates
  2. The time I "accidentally" downed a quadruple brandy in one go, and then felt a bit odd afterwards
  3. The time when I mixed up a pint of half-coke half-malibu and downed it in two goes, then felt kinda weird
And people wonder why I don't drink so much any more... Then there was the time that I drank half a 35cl bottle of Courvoisier brandy, followed by having a few drinks at the pub, but I actually felt fine after that, so it doesn't really count... :o)

Gah, alcohol. Fun, but icky.... Ho hum :o)

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pretty tame really
try a litre of vodka and 6cans of fosters b4 u go out
then a pint in the first pub, and double vodkas for the rest of the night....... then get thrown out the club, fall on ure face, and wake up in ure bed the next day not actually knowing that u'd gone out till ure friends inform u as to what happened
and that was a tame night for me

Much as I'd love to be a classic case of alcoholism gone wrong, I'd much rather be a well-adjusted lightweight, if it's all the same to you :o)

u dont know much really do u

alcoholism gone wrong?
beg ure pardon
and how long have u known of me?
its all lies i tell u, lies lies lies
i just like having a good time, and the majority of good times with my friends happen in clubs, bars, and parties
plus, there aint really much else to do in preston university
and who can refuse £1 a pint?

Re: u dont know much really do u

Preston? Ah, in that case, drink away - you have my comiserations :o)

its not too bad a place really
apart from the rain, and the cold, and the lack of anything to do when its raining and cold
the people r brilliant tho
and the psychos r harmless
which makes a change from my home town

I'll phone you soon...what u wanna see? Bridget, Enemy at the gates??? Speak to you soon. Also alcohol good-gets me a job, money, thus a social life. Also helps you forget everything!!!!

I suppose if I had your life, I'd want to forget everything..... And to be able to do it on a pint and a half, well, even better...

Anyhow, you'd promised me we'd see BJD together, so... :o)

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