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Ah, total destruction....
Last couple of days of Planetarion now. Getting very close to the end. Somebody just roided a guy in Chas's galaxy, but only stayed for one tick. He fled after he found he had 40k incoming from me. After the next movement tick, my target will have the following incoming:
20k Cargoships ETA 10
20k Cargoships ETA 10
2k Ints ETA 7
8k Frigates ETA 7
20k Phantoms ETA 7
4k Ghosts, ETA 7
3.5k Pods, ETA 7
3k Ints ETA 8
6k Frigates ETA 8
0.5k Spiders ETA 8
27k Phantoms ETA 8
6k Ghosts ETA 8
6k Pods ETA 8
Fun fun fun... He, on the other hand, has 100k pods, 7k frigates and 5k ghosts. He's in trouble, I think :o)


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