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Quick Gallery
I haven't the time to talk about the individual pictures too much, but here's where I go on holiday...

This is the view from the beach by the campsite. Across the bay you can see the nice rocky outcrop type thing Carn Llidi, which is always fun for a quick climb. Just out of shot is another beach, far more touristy, which lies more or less at the base of Carn Llidi:

Just a shot of the... well... toilets, IIRC. But the point is, you can see Carn Llidi in the background, thus showing the sort of views you get from the site.

Just quickly then.... The red splodge marks which one is our caravan. The green splodge is the shop. The gold splodge marks where the stream comes down onto the beach, and the blue splodge marks the beach itself, where much time is spent just "hanging out"....

Just a nice random view from Ramsey Island - showing the vague type of landscape you have there:

There we go :o)

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*squeak!* Can your parents adopt me so I can go on holiday there too???????

Probably... They're there right now, as it goes - if you hurry, you might catch them... :o)

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