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Gay? Moi?
Apparently.... The test here has rated me 7/10. I quote:
It's kinda assumed 'Oh, yeah he's gay'. Your consistent behavior leads anyone you come in contact with to think that you're more than likely a fun loving homo boy. You're the life of the party and your hands are moving and talking as much as your mouth. You clothes are so perfect that sometimes they look fake.
Hmph! I refuse to include the image it gave me, I don't want to talk about it. According to Dave, the way to not come off as being gay is:
Dave - Return of the Farce says:
Right. You should not like flowers, like being tickled, use the word "pee pee" AT ALL, only take showers, do not wear an undershirt, a fannie pack(!?), have had a facial, under a salon hairdryer EVER, have candles or air freshener in your flat, enjoying playing or watching gymnastics or synch swimming, cuddle, be a cat person, enjoy broadway shows, musicals, dancing or singing, express yourself
Dave - Return of the Farce says:
Nor should you use smileys (I think), own ANY stuffed animals, be high maintenance, sensitive or in touch with your feminine side, use more than 3 hair care products at once, cross your legs, enjoy mixed drinks/wine over beer, dress up, gossip or give advice.
Ha.... Tough luck, these mostly apply in one way or another... And this just in from TMA:
[02:52] TMA: You fucking poofter
[02:53] TMA: You're not a normal man
[02:53] TMA: Most women score lower than you
Ta.... :oP

So I'm thinking "Well I don't come off as gay, do I?", and I remember something. Something I don't know whether I told you or not... Remember Claire's Claire? Check my memories, under the "Fight Club" category for my pretentious attempt at explaining that evening... Anyhow, when we were in my room, after I'd been flirting with her (or trying) all evening, she goes to me...
Claire: Can I ask a question?
Jim: Sure
Claire: Are you gay?
Jim: What?!
Claire: Sorry, I was just wondering
Jim: No, I'm not. Why, did somebody say I was?
Claire: No, I just figured you were, that's all
Jim: Did they not correct you?
Claire: No
Grr... I dunno how she made that mistake... All in all, rather worrying really, isn't it...

Just been having a fun chat with TMA about stuff... He suggested I put my picture on amihotornot, for some bizarre reason. Perhaps to laugh at me. Ah, I can only imagine his poor little face when I informed him that I already did it, twice, and came out with 9.6 and 9.5. He then went on to explain how the site means nothing anyway, which was fun - showed he cared.... Funny little boy he is :o)

We're now having a discussion about whether my ass is hot and tight, or slack. Or something. Kit got a level 1 on the test, but I think he was cheating, so it doesn't count :o)

Gah, they're all ganging up on me now.... Everybody is calling me camp, and I hate them all. Bitches :o)

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Aww! I missed it!



Bah, they're just saying that because you have a nice bum. 8-)

Bah, don't listen to em! I knew that you weren't gay. In fact, I was a little surprised when you admitted to being maybe 10% attracted to guys. So just ignore em, they're probably just jealous b/c you're way cuter!

I wouldn't stress about it. I see you as a laid back enlightened kinda guy. Just cos you don't run around with a big cross beating gay blokes to death doesn't make you any less of a man. But then in my view neither does shagging a bloke, but there you go ;-)

I know. It's just that, due to the fact that (most of the time) I go for women, it'd be nice if that was reflected in how people see me. After all, as I proved that night back in November (or whenever), chatting up girls who think you're gay is just not possible.

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