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Oh so annoying...
Why is it that I have all these ideas for snazzy website layouts, but when it comes down to it, I simply can't implement them right? I've been thinking though, and I may have come up with a solution. We shall see. Bah, anyway, so, onto the report for today....

Well, true to form, nothing much has been going on. Unfortunately, due to the fact that public transport will only allow me to reach one of my friends, I'm therefore unable to actually socialise all that much. Oh, there's Becca, I guess, but pah.... No offence ;o)

So yeah, with no real means of transport to see people, I'm condemned pretty much to follow whatever their schedule looks like. And, at present, this means bowling next week, but until then, nothing. So I have to amuse myself until that time. Now, what I'd really love to do is go on a walk down to one of the streams, or better still go there on my bike. Unfortunately, the countryside around here is all closed off, and my bike has seen vastly better days. Problem.

So, thanks to public transport being shite, I am confined to places I can walk. And thanks to the bloody Foot and Mouth thing, where I can walk is confined to my village. Which is kinda limiting...

Hmm, so let me start talking about my village - it'll give me something to say... It's a large village in Oxfordshire called Chinnor. It has a population of about 7000 people, or something like that when last I checked.... It's in the shadow of the Chiltern Hills, which are a 20 minute walk from my house, which is nice:

Anyhow, the place was, if I'm not mistaken, a village built in later years around the cement industry. The village has been here for a lot longer, mind (and there are amusing English Civil War stories based around here), but its expansion into an actual livable place (rather than just a couple of roads) is, I think, due to the cement. There's a cement works here, but it was closed a few years ago (which is something of a shame). It's still pretty nice there though - it's right at the foot of the hills, and there are small lakes there which are cyan blue due to whatever chemicals are present.... I forget if there are fish in them - I think there might be, but it was about 9 years ago when I visited the place, so my recollection of everything is a bit faded.... Regardless, it's also a great place for finding fossils, on account of how it's all very chalky there.

Oh, and that thing in the sky is a Red Kite, a bird of prey with a nice five foot wingspan:

They're pretty rare in this country, and the hills around here are pretty much one of the only places you can find them - and there are tons here. Which is kinda cool. You see them on the way into town often, just hovering over the fields around here. But it's usually more fun to just wander down to the streams and watch them flying around there - kinda gets you away from the whole road / village / town thing, which gets old real quickly.... Just a five to ten minute walk away, it's kinda nice to just sit down by the first stream, watching the fish, looking at the birds, and generally admiring the view:

Anyhow, aside from the cement works, there really are only a few interesting things in the village. The first would be the 12th Century Church that we have, which is pretty darned old. One of the earliest memories I have is of a dream I had, where I was stood outside the church at about 5pm on a winter evening, the whole place bathed in the amber glow of the street lights, listening to the bells. Pretty cool. Unfortunately, I don't think my parents feel exactly the same way - in the years before I was born, they lived in a house just behind the church, which must've gotten rather annoying after a while :o)

We have a station, too, although it's pretty phoney. The line doesn't really go anywhere, and frankly, the whole thing is just a silly gimmick:

And finally, we have a windmill. Well, we used to. Like a lot of places around here, we had a mill. I did a whole project on these things back when I was about 8, but alas the details escape me, so I can't really give any background. Suffice it to say, the windmill was taken down, and removed, leaving only a few road and school names (such as "Mill Lane" etc.)... In recent years, efforts have been made to rebuild it, but since it's mostly voluntary work, nothing much is getting done on it. The following picture shows pretty much how it is now, and also almost exactly how it was about 8 years ago. Nice work, lads... ;o)

Anyhow, that's nice... When it's finished, it'll look cool. There's a similar mill up near where my grandparents live, which look pretty nice in its complete state. And once ours is done, of course, we have yet another crass tourist gimmick - hooray. Or something...

Anyway, that's where I live. I feel this has been at least one productive thing I've done today. Hope the width of those images doesn't mess up anybody's friends page. If it does, just tell me and I'll see about cutting them down a bit, and storing them on my own web space (rather than just stealing the Chinnor Website's bandwidth)...

Update: Not including this one, I used the word "pretty" nine times. Yeesh, I need to work on re-expanding my vocabulary, I think...

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it's a beautiful place :)

i don't see how you can be bored

Foul weather, and the fact that due to the current foot and mouth thing, we're not actually allowed to go out into the countryside around here. Otherwise, I'd go off on a walk to this village on the hill where there's this beautiful garden thing.... It's about a three hour walk or something, and I'd get very lost (you kinda have to find your own way through the woods), but it'd still be nice. It's so annoying being somewhere nice (well, compared to Uni), but not being able to do anything...

Webs...I will take you fact I am slightly hurt by the implication that I am not company :0( could come round here u know...STOP LAUGHING!!!!!!!

Chinnor is damned boring...which is why I drive, but it is home and I like it esp when its being nice in the sunshine...

Yes, you are company, and yes, I could come around there. But, like, we don't generally have all that much to talk about and stuff. And there's not much to do. You know what I mean... :o)

It's nice in the sunshine, when you can go wandering, but it's annoying weather, and the whole place is closed off :o(

The pictures are beautiful! As a member of I have several associates in your area. That foot and mouth thing is just awful. Glazed says the area/countryside is barren. How sad. I hope it gets resolved soon. Great Day!

*jaw drops* What a gorgeous place ...

Ugh... Wait until you're brought up here... It's nothing special to me, it's just the hills, and the fields, and the village. Nothing especially gorgeous about that. Although in the fall, the trees look especially pretty. And when against the brilliant blue skies in the summer, they're nice...

But a lot of the stuff here I appreciated more as a child than as an adult. Bike rides down the paths, over the streams, up the hills, down the hills (usually faster than I'd like)... Much of that no longer appeals :o(

Oh hell, I think that's true of ANY place someone is brought up ... my cousins live over on Vancouver Island and the place is GORGEOUS - they were raised in a home set on ten acres, out in the woods. Every time I go see them, they're positive I must be bored because I'm from the city. ;-)

Whatever ya got, someone else's always looks better!

Heh... That's true - even when I go on holiday, it doesn't seem so beautiful any more. Now, if I can find pictures of where my caravan is, then you'll see how drab where I live now actually is. Yet I still don't find it very amazing :o)

*laughing* Not surprising, love! *hug*

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