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Well, just had a very interesting deep and meaningful with Laura (which always makes me happier) about a lot of things. Including sex - some of her ideas on that are rather less-than-common. On the other hand, she made some damned good points.... I may well take notice of what she said, believe it or not it made a lot of sense. Either way, I still maintain my previous (and as yet undisclosed on this thing) opinion of her, regardless of what David says.

In other (totally unrelated news), I've had a boring day. Because my family are home. As a result, I've not done anything much. Oh well. At least no more cooking for myself - lunch was toast (which mummy kindly prepared for me after I said "yea, I'll do it later"), and dinner was chicken tikka... My appetite has deteriorated somewhat over the last couple of weeks, and I now weigh 149lbs / 10 stone 9 pounds / 70kg. That's not too much less than I weighed before they went away, so that's OK... I've lost no more than 6lbs in the last two weeks...

I finished watching The Holy Grail - great film. I shall watch Life of Brian later. Speaking of Brians, I'm a little concerned about Bri. He's currently homeless, and as such, I can't speak to him. Fortunately, my last words to him were wishing him luck with it all, and hoping things work out. As opposed to, say, wishing him dead or something, which would probably be bad. Hopefully he'll find somewhere to stay soon, otherwise I may have to use my first paycheck in order to have him shipped over here so that he doesn't, like, starve and die and stuff. The git.

David is still in Manchester with Mitch and Julia as far as I know - if he's not home in a while, I'll phone him just to say hi, and see how things are. Hope they're going well.... oh well.

My current plans for the evening include redoing my LiveJournal friends page layout. I really like it, but I think I can do better. Not quite sure now, but I'll have a go anyway - check back for the finished product later (if I bother)...


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