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Perhaps I should eat. Yes, I think so. What should I eat? Well, I had cereal for breakfast, I had toast for lunch, so in theory, I should eat something "real" for supper... I'll find out what I can have...

*seeks out food*

Heinz Spaghetti and Sausages. Yum, one of my regular meals back at Uni (although there I have double the quantity - two tins are better than one, in my opinion). My mother is kindly putting it in the microwave for me (I always cook it by hand, so I dunno how long to microwave it for and such. I just stick it in a pan on max heat until it starts to steam).... Ah, food...

In other news, Eastenders was highly entertaining. When Phil is bad, he's cool.... It's only when he's being an annoying bullying pussy that he stops being cool and deserves shooting. Anyhow, that was good - prior to that was The New Adventures of Superman. I still quite like that show, the first season at any rate.... Does that make me a bad person? :o)

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Yes, that makes you a bad person. It makes you a Psycho Freak from Hell, James. Why do you ask? ;-)


Course it makes you a bad person. Oh yeah, they all like fucking series one, don't they? People that like series one often forget that the actor who then played Jimmy was awful. Jimmy from Series two was much better. And series one was all about how stupid Lois Lane really was, oh, we found out the truth later of course.

I prefer that Jimmy to the rather poor replacement of later series'.... Mind, none of them are as good as Dave McFly frmo Back to the Future, from the films. But still, he too had his bad moments - let us not forget the evil Jodie Foster film Freaky Friday. And despite Lois Lane's sheer idiocy, it still makes for entertaining viewing.

Whats Dave McFly got to do with anything? The fact is Jimmy the 1st was sacked for being too thin.

Dave McFly was played by the same guy as Jimmy in the first Superman film.

And the first one was still the best.

Ahh, I see. Yes. I liked Back to the Future 1, and also 2, and 3 as well, but 1 was my favourite because it was the only one the BBC were allowed to show at the beginning. When 2 and 3 came on, it was an anti-climax. But Jimmy 2 was the best Jimmy, for he had ambition! And fire in his belly, although that was probably an unrelated medical issue.

But 2 and 3 worked so well. 1 was clever, but 2 and 3 were done superbly...

And Jimmy 1 was the best one because he was the only real one. The second one was clearly an impostor...

BTTF 2 had hoverboards, BTTF3 had that woman who Doc Brown saved. But only BTTF1 had the lightning sequence and a load of shooting.

And Jimmy 2 - an impostor? No, my friend, the truth is that Jimmy 1 was merely an understudy, covering for Jimmy 2 as he had prior engagements.

BTTF 3 had far more shooting... Plus, BTTF 2 had the hoverboards, which was cool, but it also had many references to BTTF 1, which was good. I liked the way they managed to fit them together. Likewise, BTTF 3 also tied in well with the first one. The first film was a work of genius, but with no prequels, it was unable to shine as the directing and writing masterpiece that the other two did...

No, Jimmy 2 was a fake and a phoney. Jimmy 1 was the original, brutally killed by Jimmy 2, and nobody noticed (heck, these are the people who don't notice the whole Clark/Superman thing)

Eric Cantona - "When the albatross follows the trawler, it is because it thinks the sardines will be thrown into the sea".

Simon Munnery - "When the sardines follow the albatross, it is because the normal laws of physics have ceased to apply".

William Millinship - "When the BTTF1 is the best movie and Jimmy 2 the best Jimmy, it is because the Frenchman and the comedian are talking bollocks".

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