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Good Morning... Oh, damnit
Nine minutes too slow. Probably much more by the time I post this. Oh well, it was morning. Anyhow, yes, I went to bed at midnight last night. My perception of time is somewhat screwed, because I was thinking "Shit, this is just so early"....

Anyhow, I woke up many times during the night. I got from about 1am to 3am asleep, but when I woke up at 3, it felt like I'd been awake the whole time. Woke up again at 4, and at 5, and at 6.... One of the times I woke up, I actually thought Jen was next to me, which was nice. It was only when I woke up at 7 that I realised "Hey, maybe she actually wasn't..."

Anyhow, at 7 I woke up and was very hungry, so I came downstairs, made some breakfast, and took it back to bed with me. I ate that, and then went back to sleep for another four hours. All in all, very relaxing - I love getting lots of rest. When I'm back at Uni, of course, I can afford to be up until all hours, because I can go back to having naps in the afternoon, just like I used to when we (as a flat) all stayed up until 4am every night chatting...

My parents pointed out something amusing to me the other week - much of the time when I'm up until like 5am, it's because of people coming and talking to me. As the flat's resident insomniac, I'm the one who gets the 3am text messages from Mice every time she does something silly saying "Help!", I'm the one who gets Alex's light knocking on my door at 4am to have a chat, I'm the one James visits at 5 in the morning after he pulls random 21 year old American girls at parties. However, they take it in turns - while I'm up every night, they're only up that late one night a week each. Gits, they keep me up, and still get enough sleep themselves. Good plan ;o)

Anyhow, I'm awake now, and feeling a bit better than last night.... Feeling slightly guilty, mind - I had hoped to leave Jen a big long private post since I couldn't be up, but I got talking to Alex on the phone, which took about 45 minutes out of my evening, and lasted until I had to go to bed.... :o(


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