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You're all too quiet
Get talking, you bitches.... My friends list is practically dead... :o)

Yeesh... Anyway, so yeah, bowling on Monday, probably... Still need to convince Dan properly, mind. Need to find out about Hull too, it'd be nice to put a day to it in advance, rather than just... well.... randomly going up on a whim, I guess. Which I could also do, but.... nah....

Anyhow, my mother seems to think that an earlier bedtime would be a good thing for me tonight, so I've got another couple of hours, and then it's time to sleep. It'll make this day a bloody short one - just 9 hours of being awake. That's not all that much, really.... Mind, I expect the sleep will do me good, and might cheer me up a little.

Anyhow, not got much to say, as per usual.... No, wait, that's not right... I always have stuff to say. But for some reason, right now, I don't. Bah :o(

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i'm talking i'm talking! well, not for long. now i have to go help with dinner. sorry! = ) can you do without me?

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