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Writing so much less...
It's unbelievable. I'm writing so little. I shouldn't complain - it's probably for the best. I get like this sometimes, when I have absolutely no creativity whatsoever, and nothing interesting going on that you don't already know about. I have tons of things I could post about Jen and stuff, but I'm getting the feeling that you can all do without me going on for ages ;o)

Plus, it's not so much that I'm not writing anything - just that it's private. I have a second journal (phenomenally easy to find, I guess, but everything's private anyway), where I put a few things in.... After all, I have to have places to put dark depressing stuff that I don't want to trouble Jen with, and, as my opening (private) post in it states:
"This isn't to hide things - she'll see all in time. This is just somewhere to put surprises :o)"
Got a couple of things in there that I'd otherwise just write down in my physical journal, only I left that back at Uni....

Anyhow, so, yeah, whatever... Private posts, friends only posts, other-journal posts... They're all detracting from this thing, and I hate that. Just you people wait until I'm back at Uni, with my close-proximity friends and my social life - you'll not know what hit you :o)


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