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Yay for music...
I have decided, I want to be Mark Hoppus from Blink 182. It's not really an ambition and such, obviously I can't be him.... But out of him and Tom, I think he has the better voice, and he plays bass, and does lots of really cool solos.... I keep trying bass solos on my normal guitar, but obviously they're an octave or two off, which isn't especially good. But at least I'm practicing them. Ho hum, must get faster...

I've still not eaten - if I eat, my mother won't be happy with me because it'll mean I won't eat supper, which is bad. Unless she's got nothing planned, in which case I'll make some for myself... Heh, it's already half past five - I can't believe that... It feels like about midday, on account of when I woke up. I've worked out that some days this week I've been living on PST, which is like... well... wrong. I really ought to change my sleeping pattern back to one which will actually allow me to go to lectures and stuff when I get back to Uni, but it means sacrificing some of the time I spend talking to a certain someone, which I'd really rather not do.... *sigh*

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OK then, that suits me fine ;o)

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