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New Clothes
Oh yes, I have new clothes... A pair of blue jeans, a pair of black jeans, some nice combats, and a summer coat/jacket type thing.... Once more, my wardrobe has sufficient clothes that I can have some fun actually deciding what to wear, and making myself look as reasonable as is possible. Hooray for new clothes, and for shopping in general, which has become so much easier lately. A year ago, I'd have whined that there was nothing I liked, because I hated it. Ever since moving out and going shopping with Vicky a couple of times, I can bear it now. Perhaps because once you've been shopping with Vicky, everything seems so much easier :o)

Speaking of Vicky, I realised the other day that I use the same mouthwash that she drinks. Yes, you read that correctly - Vicky is of the opinion that the best way to make her throat (and indeed stomach) minty fresh is to drink mouthwash. Odd little girl - she didn't even realise that you're not meant to do that until I pointed it out to her while she was getting ready to go out one time.... Aww, it's sweet really, I'm sure :o)

So anyhow, I thought I'd treat you all to some random (or not) lyrics. After all, why not? First up, we have one which covers one part of last night kinda well, in a nice funny way (well, it seemed funny when I heard the song earlier, and I thought I ought to quote it):
So when I find myself alone and unworthy
I think about all of the things I learned from the
Fine fine women with nothing but good intentions and a
Bad tendency to get burned
- Semisonic
Then we have one that nicely describes much of my feeling right now - one of the vastly better songs off the album:
I can try to please you
Get down on my knees for you
Go outside and freeze for you
Cross the high seas for you
Whatever you need me to
I can climb the trees for you
Twist in the breeze for you
But there's one thing that I can never do
I can't believe for you
I can't believe in me for you
- Semisonic
It's such a better album than I'd originally thought, you know... It really grows on you, in the good way, rather than like, say, a blister.

Speaking of albums which turn out to be very good, I listened to Everclear - Songs from an American Movie Vol 2 earlier in the car. I have to say, I love each and every song on that album. I had been having doubts about "When it all goes wrong again" for a while there, but I have since reversed that opinion and decided that it's a damned good song. And arguably my favourite song for the guitar, "Song from an American Movie Part 2" has suddenly brought me to a revelation - while I love playing the G D B D lead riff a lot, I have realised that I'd prefer to play the bass guitar part. Yup, if I'm ever going to be anything close to a reasonable guitarist, it'll be a bass guitarist. Sorry Dad :o)

Anyhow, I'm a bit sleepy now (I'll have a rest in a while, I think).... I only got about 4 hours of sleep last night, and even then it was only because I forced myself to go to bed so as (in the words of Dave) to not meet a parental unit coming the other way. Curse Jen's lack of a 10pm bedtime... Oh, and in a totally unrelated matter (but I'm putting it here because this paragraph isn't long enough yet), I saw some good books on writing in the book shop I went in earlier. Or, at least, they looked good at first. Then I realised they were shite. I'd really love to get a good book that'd help me improve my writing style for this thing, but unfortunately none of them were especially suitable. If I'm a bad writer, then I want to improve. If I'm a good one, I want to make the most of that. But no books yet.... I shall, however, keep looking :o)

Anyhow, more later, I expect....

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drinks mouthwash? very odd. i hope that when you pointed out to her that you're not supposed to she stopped doing it. = )

Um, no, actually... She still does it, as far as I know. But I'm not sure - it's not all that often that I watch her getting ready to go out ;o)

ok, so you don't watch her getting ready. my mistake. = )

hmm..maybe there's some amazing side effect with drinking mouth wash.. i might have to try it sometime. = )

Not often ;o)

Well, it could be pulling a different bloke every night of the week - that's some side-effect ;o) i'm definitely trying it. = ) haha

you play the have a like everclear, that is too good to be true.

I don't have a car - never bothered learning to drive, see :o)

But if it makes up for it, I'm a very big Everclear fan :o)

well that is ok then. i thought you said you listened to the album in your car?

I said the car - specifically, my mother's.... Why drive into town to buy clothes when you can have your mother drive you there and pay for everything? ;o)

a very good point. i would love to drive but my parents think it would be an insurance hazard to put behing the wheel.

It's not the insurance I'm worried about - it's the pedestrians. Most of the reason I don't drive is because I'm scared I'll kill people... :o)

well there is that too.

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