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My Evening
Well, I finally succumbed and started watching Big Brother. It's vaguely entertaining, if only to see somebody as evil and devious as myself in the form of Nick... Hope he wins the money, if not an Oscar....

So anyway, what's going on in my life.... well, my parents are home. My mother is mad for me not watering the plants, my dad is mad because I left a load of milk out and it went all disgusting, my siblings are fine because nothing I ever do affects them anyway. The cat is behaving strangely to them all, but she's fine with me. This is because I feed her. She loves me. At least somebody does :o)

Right now, David is in the process of eagerly tearing his entire life up by making the hugest mistake in months. Go David..... But seriously, don't make me intervene here - I shouldn't, it's not my place, but I will if it's the only way to stop you being hurt even more. Grrr...

In other news, been speaking to Laura, and cleared the air surrounding my feelings for her (or lackthereof, as the case may or may not be), which was nice... Um, that is all...

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Just... stop... forcing me to read it... it's awful... STOP IT! SOMEBODY HELP ME!


No. You must read. It's, like, interesting and all... Or something...

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