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No, not the sort you fill in. I went out and asked the following question:
Do you ever have moments where you simply *have* to flirt with somebody, but there are no girls about?
The answers were:
Dan: <hides>
Dan: Permanently.
Scott: *puts on a wig*
That's all for now. Stay tuned for more hard-hitting journalism....

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You never asked my permission to post that IM snippet. I'll sue for copyright breach.

It's a different Scott. I'm countersuing you for saying that I breached your copyright, thus defaming my reputation... Or something...

You could always ask my persmission ...

No, I asked the other Scott's permission, that is enough.

Fair enough. :) Carry on, solider.

Well you're the rudiest sod I know on any IM to be honest.

Meister Cross says:
what sort of question is that.

answer: probably

Forget that bit? It's still there now with last message recieved on 09/04/2001 at 22:13... Still waiting... :)


I just chose to put down one thing from each person. Three people, three things.

I definitely never gave permission either... I'm sure there's a rule about this sort of thing somewhere!!

boys boys, if you desperately have to flirt with someone there is always little old

Heh, count me out, unless you want my girlfriend hunting down and killing you :o)

i see you have taken me off of your friends list-how incredibly nasty of you. i shall be taking the hint now. thank you for validating my inherent mistrust of strangers.

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