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The Plan
Well, it's the holidays, and I only have two more weeks. Best think of something to do, eh...

Tomorrow, I'm going shopping for some new clothes. We'll see how much money I can get through looking for a few new outfits. In theory, some nice new trousers would be nice, but perhaps I can also manage to get myself a nice pair of shorts, some new socks, and a nice jumper or something. You never know, it might be possible :o)

So that's Tuesday dealt with... As yet, I have no real plans for Weds or Thurs, but I'm giving it some thought. If we follow the same pattern as the last few weeks, we might be going to the pub on Weds, which will give me something to do. Otherwise, it's time for helping out around the house (perhaps), sleeping, day dreaming about Jen, and redesigning my website (when I can be bothered).

Then on Friday, if all goes to plan (and I'm hoping it will), I'm going to Alex's house (as in my flatmate)... We're having a big flat meet-up in Croydon, which ought to be good fun. So far, I think Alex, Ebs, James and Vicky will be there. Dunno who else, I'll have to ask Alex - probably Harry too though. Which will be... interesting. She doesn't yet know about Jen (I may well enjoy telling her about that one), and the last time I spoke to her I bitched at her, so we could be looking at a fun day.... 'twill be nice to meet Alex's parents, who seem to think I'm this nice guy or something, and that Alex is in some way to blame for events at New Years. I shall have to put them straight on that ;o)

Then we have the weekend, which (being Easter) will be spent with family, eating much chocolate and stuff, which should be fun. Then on Easter Monday, I shall be going bowling with Chris, Dan and Rachael - yet another activity at which I shall no doubt suck. I hate that I'm the worst player at everything we do - I used to rule at pool (well, more so than Dan or Mike), but now I suck. I was never especially good at bowling, but you can bet I'll be worse next week than I used to be... Bah :o)

Anyhow, at some point next week, I shall be going up to Hull to see various people.... Dunno what day(s) that'll be, or where I'll stay (it now looks like my relatives in Cottingham will be down here when I'm up there, which is annoying), but still... Sometime next week, I'm sure. There's a few people I have to meet, see... :o)

With these exceptions, however, it looks like laziness and sleep is the way to go for me :o)

Update: Unfortunately, due to nobody else being able to come, Alex's thing has been called off. It's a shame, it'd be nice to see them all - it's already been three weeks since I last saw James and Vicky, and I miss them....

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You students don't know how good you've got it.

"Then on Easter Monday, I shall be going bowling with Chris, Dan and Rachael - yet another activity at which I shall no doubt suck."

You know yet another Dan?

Well you said you were up for it before...

Damn well did, it was in a conversation with Chris/Rachael and me. I recall it vividly.

An amensia suffer no less.

Chris asked. I neither said yes nor no. Now in the way Chris does this, he automatically assumes I will. I also went to bed straight after this at aboot 11pm after remarking that you are The rudiest sod on any IM...

'member now? :)

Ah, yes, that would be right. I apologise, I was working according to the Chris Model of Events, whereby you said "yes"... After you left, he acted like you had, thus brainwashing me, so..... :o)

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